Episode 821 – Augmented Reality, Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Robotic Helicopters at CES 2011

On this special edition of Hak5 Darren and Shannon are joined by Jenn Cutter to wrap up their favourite gadgets from CES 2011. Tune in and catch a pair of stereoscopic 3D augmented-reality video eyewear from Vuzix, the AR Drone flying video game / robotic helicopter from Parrot, and a hydrogen fuel cell remote control car sure to please. Plus a behind the scenes look at prototype holographic eyewear! Trust your technolust!

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Parrot’s AR Drone

Shannon checks in with Parrot to find out the latest improvements to the AR Drone.

Vuzix’s WRAP 920AR+ augmented reality eyewear
Darren checks out the Wrap 920AR+ maxReality eyewear from Vuzix and discusses augmented reality, motion tracking and hacking.

Vuzix’s prototype eyewear
Darren gets to go behind closed doors to check out prototype eyewear from Vuzix that’ll blow your mind.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
Jenn talks to Adam from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies about a hydrodren powered remote control car kit!

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