Episode 820 – Recycle That Old PC and Build a Proxmox Virtual Environment

This time on Hak5 Darren brings new life to an old editing rig with Proxmox-VE, an open source virtualization platform.

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OpenVZ, KVM and Proxmox-VE
What is Virtualization?
Virtual rather than physical versions of something such as a server or router
Why Virtualize?
Increase hardware utilization
Save space & electricity
Backups & load balancing / migrations
Home Virtual Server
Experiment with new servers
Create virtual test network for hacking
Run services such as home media servers
Proxmox VE types of Virtualization
Container Virtualization
OS level based on Linux kernel
Isolated containers; VPS or VE
Host & Guest must be Linux
Performance close to native
Full Virtualization
Kernel-based Virtual Machine
Supports Intel-VT & AMD-V
Supports wide variety of OS incl. Win
Proxmox VE Hardware Requirements
64-bit Intel or AMD
Intel-VT or AMD-V for KVM
1+ GB RAM, 4+ better
1 or more NICs
Basically any hardware supported by Debian Lenny 64bit
You can install on top of Debian Lenny but it’s easier to do a fresh install
Download, burn and boot from ISO

Packaging with the QT SDK
Jason wraps up his series on the QT SDK

Setting up Virtual Machines
Post-installation Darren tours the Proxmox-VE web management interface and deploys a new virtual machine

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