Episode 813 – Top Jailbroken Apps and Android Scripting

In this episode of Hak5 Shannon brings us her top jailbroken apps for the iPhone while Jason ditches the heavy development environment and takes on lightweight scripting for Android.

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ย There are plenty of apps and abilities that apple doesn’t want you to be able to do… And AT&T makes you pay a buttload to do. So here are my top apps that you should have, that aren’t on the Apple app store.

*My3G- When you’re on 3G you can’t make skype calls without paying, no FaceTime, and no downloads over 20 MB. So we have My3G, which makes your phone think it’s on wifi so you can access all these things! My 3G comes with a short trial and it costs $4.

*MyWi 4.0- What happens when you don’t have any wifi for your laptop and your out and about? Well… generally you can tether with your phone. MyWi 4.0 lets your phone turn into a wifi hotspot to share the 3G connection as a wireless connection to PC’s. This is especially handy if you have a Ipad and don’t want to pay the hefty contract cost for 3G. It works with jailbroken Iphones and iOS4. Keep in mind your data plan- don’t go crazy if you aren’t unlimited! AT&T charges $45 per month for tethering, so at a one time charge of $19.99, I’m sold.

*VNC server- If you need to record whats going on on your Iphone but don’t want the bad lighting and hand movement, use VNC Server. With VNC Server you can view your iphone on your computer just like a normal VNC. It’s a little tricky, the mouse pointer can be slow and the video may be a bit delayed, but it gives you access to everything on your phone right from you computer. Veency is free.

*Cylay- Apple offers a program called Mobile Me, for syncing, security, etc. But the only reason why I ever liked it was the ‘Find My Iphone’ app. Cylay offers you protection kind of like Prey, with an all in one security suite. If your phone gets stolen or lost, you can set off an alarm, send a text, lock it, keep it from turing off, take a photo from the iphone camera, use GPS to track it, and even erase all the data and back it up to Gmail. Cylay comes with a trial, and is $19.99 per year (instead of $100 for Mobile Me).

*SBSettings is just plain useful. It is a built in app that gives you instant access to services like GPS, WIFI, airplane mode, etc. You can even kill background processes and choose your own specific icons to add. SB Settings is Free.

*CyDelete-If your tired of having a certain package from Cydia app store, you can uninstall it with this app. It works just like Apple apps- hold your finger on an app until is shakes, then press the X that appears to delete the app. CyDelete is free.

What are your favorite jailbroken apps?
Email me what you think at [email protected].

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  • Trip

    not keen on the scripting language i much prefer eclipse ๐Ÿ˜€

    you should use eclipse even tho its longer winded there will be certain things u cant achieve with the scripting language

  • Brian

    “3G Unrestrictor” and “PdaNet” are two much better alternatives to “My3G” and “MyWi”. I can go on and on about how much better they are.

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  • SortMySystem

    interested in thoughts;
    use of google software generally includes a clause that your data is transfered and stored in the US and can be passed to any 3rd party law enforcement agencies for whatever reason they choose(facebook is the same).

    this is not secure. this is not private.

    private security firms would also be able to access any and all of your data and stats for the correct price(often called “reason”).

    even if its not used for personal profiling it can still be used for population analysis thus making it easier for governments, media and corporations to “persuade” you to deposit your time and money with them without you making the decision consciously.

    its not paranoia its a concern about what can happen when government agencies and corporations get too powerful and know too much.

    by storing customer data in eg google docs you are inadvertantly giving their eg router configs to any US government agency that wants it for whatever reason they choose.

    as an example, a news story is released, they then monitor facebook/google data to see which part of the news story was picked up on by which people, this data then lets them make tweaks and changes to alter the affected demographic.

  • maximumrfan

    I’m suprised that you guys haven’t talked about Bootlace. It allows you to boot your device as another OS (like say, android ๐Ÿ˜› ). Please reviewit.

  • Lawn Dart

    What was the evernote competitor discussed at the end of 813? The young people seem to be mumbling something between CoolDocs and Goldilocks.

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