Episode 811 – Toorcon San Diego 2010 Part 1

This time on the show Darren travels to Toorcon San Diego and talk to Don A. Bailey and Nick DePetrillo about the Carmen Sandiego project and why the telephone network is full of false privacy assumptions. Dan Tentler joins us to talk about hacking people, and we catch up with George Spillman to find out about the end of the world.

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The Carmen Sandiego project
Don A. Bailey and Nick DePetrillo talk to me about their research in the Carmen Sandiego project. They get into the techniques used for collecting intelligence via the wireless telephone network, brute forcing the caller ID system, and crunching massive amounts and geolocation analysis.

To the end of the world on the end of the world
George Spillman joins us to talk about all things Toorcon, the last Toorcamp, and why a bunch of hackers are going to the end of the world in 2012.

Hacking People
Dan Tentler talks about exploiting people through their facial expressions, body language and mannerisms

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