Episode 803 – Ampache, Boxee and Wireless Virtual Machines

Darren checks out Ampache, a powerful open source streaming media solution perfect for your Linux home server. Jason answers your Boxee questions and Shannon joins the round table for a discussion on jailbreaking and USB wireless adapters for virtual machines.

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Ampache – for the love of music
Darren walks you though setting up Ampache on Ubuntu and is pleased with the results.

Jason answers your Boxee questions
Jason answers some of the questions he has received regarding his homebrew boxee box and software development.

Domain.com – Freeze Pop Diet Hijacking!
Our friend Evil Server hijacks Darren’s FreezePopDiet.com domain, and, well, you’ll see…

GoToMeeting Roundtable – USB Wireless Virtual Machines
Darren is joined by Shannon and Jason to discuss iPhone jailbreaking and USB Wireless adapters for virtual machines

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