Episode 802 – Android App Inventor & Boxee Development Part 2, and SDExplorer

Following up from last week Darren is diving deeper into the Android App Inventor while Jason has you building the Boxee equivalent to Hello World — which is actually quite useful! Then Shannon has just the tool to make those 25 gigs of free Skydrive storage useful.

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App Inventor Part 2

From Hello World to accelerometer sensors, Darren attempts to make something more useful with app inventor.

Boxee “Hello World”

Jason returns to present a how-to on building your very first Boxee app. With a little XML and photoshop (or gimp) you can build something pretty useful in no time flat. Grab yourself the source code and have some fun.

Snubs Report: SDExplorer

When Snubs checked out Microsoft’s Skydrive she was less than enthused. Now with the aid of SDExplorer she’s finding ways to make those 25 free gigs useful.

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  • ExVinoVertas

    Great episode! I signed up for App Inventor last week and can’t wait to get my invite.

    I’d love to see you mess around with lateral and forward acceleration, then take out your frustration on Linux hiccups on the road.

    Would be really cool to use the droid to take some video an overlay that telemetry on the screen eh?

    Thanks for showing this!

    Hack on man!

  • MartynX

    I can imagine there will be quite a few apps for android soon that look and work as stated, but are actually part of my new botnet! XD

  • Sitwon

    @Darren: You made a classic programming mistake. First IF you used >= and second you used <=. They will both match in the == case so the second will always overwrite the first in that case. In the application you made it's not a big deal, but in the future the second comparison should have been just <.

    @Snubs: "It's cross-platform, you can use it with all sorts of Windows OSes…" LMAO. 😉

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