Episode 725 – DEFCON 18

This week Darren & crew take on DEFCON, the nations largest annual hacker convention and check out pentesting UAV platforms, badge viruses, lock picking, metasploit, capture the flag and so much more

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  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle hacking platform
  • Team Redacted’s STDin Defcon Badge Virus
  • Metasploit’s HD Moore Interview
  • Bump Key Lock Picking
  • The DEFCON 18 Badge
  • DEFCON round-table with Mubix and Colleen Kelly
  • Capture the Flag
  • Rickrolling WiFi Pineapple
  • Spam’s Beer

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Saturday, August 14th at 7:00 PM

Hotsy Totsy Club

601 San Pablo Ave.

Albany, CA 94706

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  • daniel

    *just a quick note to say that you CAN block cellular data, edge and 2g on an iphone if it is jailbroken =)*


    i was thinking about the guy at Defcon who resolved all IPs on the Pineapple to a site for a good Rickrolli’n. Who’s gonna be the first to step-up and make a webspace with less rickroll and more autopwn? it would make for a pretty interesting seg. the victim essentially hacks themselves and cant really complain since they were trying to steal free webs. you could probably make a reverse metasploit where the victim uses the pineapple, gets landed on a bogus index file which calls scripts in a metasploit framework on the network or has scripts\payloads built in. if the “website”‘s hacks cause pop-ups and quite obviously dubious things to appear on-screen then they can be disguised as part of a ToS/conditions bit before connecting to a free wifi spot. you wouldnt even need a laptop.. metasploit could be on a connected jailbroken iphone and pushed over ssh or 3g if unconnected. not 2g. naturally.


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  • [3w'Sparky]

    this was bloody great, the voice was out of sync but that said there was loads of cool things going on, love it!

    thanks all for bringing this to the masses

  • dnv

    Great show, keep up the good work.

    Wanna see more packet analyzing and bruteforcing technologies, also bluetooth would be cool. Just some ideas for the next defcon show you guys are doing.


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