Episode 719 – E3 Expo 2010

This week Darren is joined by Jenn Cutter of OpenAlpha.tv in LA for the E3 Expo. We’re taking a look at our favorite picks from the show floor including the latest from Alienware, Valve and Nintendo, plus linux gaming handhelds, wireless PC controllers, latest addition to the rock music gaming scene and much more.

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Portal 2 and Nintendo 3DS

Darren and Jenn share their first impressions on Valve’s Portal 2 and Nintendo’s 3DS.


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GPH Caanoo Linux Handheld

This little Linux based handheld gaming system from GPH, and same folks who brought us the GP2X, is full featured and open to say the least.


We’re checking out PowerGig’s innovative new 6-string guitar controller and “air drums”.


Darren investigates Nox-Audio’s new line of gaming headsets for the PS3 and 360.

Snubs Report: Hedgewars

In the spirit of E3 I figured I’d check out a game that has been crazy popular in our IRC channel for the last few weeks. If you’re familiar with Worms you’ll quickly take to Hedgewars.

This game is open source meaning you can download the code and mess with it to your hearts content. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux and comes with binaries and packages for major platforms including Ubuntu, Gentoo and FreeBSD. Best of all it supports both local and network games. I love LAN party games.

I’ll demonstrate how to get started playing a network game.
Launch the game and click configure.
You’ll first need to edit your team. By default the team name is “DefaultTeam” which is going to cause problems if you try to play with other newbies who haven’t changed their name. Click the Edit button next to your team name and assign a new name.
From here you can also choose what your grave will look like when your little hedgehogs die. I’m a fan of the rubber duck. 🙂
You can also choose your team flag and voice.
When you’re done futzing with options click save until you’re back at the main menu.
Click Network game on the right and choose LAN Game. From here you can specify a server. Our very own Hak5 IRC has a server running all the time at 3.1415926.eu so click Specify and enter that in. If there isn’t already a room created you can make one by typing the name in the field at the top and clicking create.
Now choose your map details and click your team name to join the list of playing teams.
Notice in the top left that your map displays how many hedgehogs it supports. You’ll want to generate a map that supports enough hedgehogs for the players you have.
Once your friends have joined the room click the light bulb button in the bottom right to specify that you’re ready to play.
The controls are fairly simple. T to talk. Arrow keys to mvoe and to aim. Space shoots. Enter jumps. Move your mouse around to pan across the map and right-click to select from your inventory of deadly weapons.
Bear in mind the active play at the bottom middle, the wind speed to the right and the time left for each play in the left.
When you’re done killing your friends you’re rewarded with a nice line graph of your leet skils, or massive failure.

As usual you can email me at [email protected] with your thoughts!

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Alienware m11x

Darren checks out the refreshed line of Alienware m11x 11″ gaming notebooks. And drools. Again.

Title: Gamerg Grub
Time: 33:42

Because gamers need vitamins and neurotransmitters…..er something. Jenn discovers the most delicious booth at E3.

iGuru’s GameCore wireless PC controller

Conflicted about this product, Darren is happy to find an innovative wireless controller for the PC only to realize it turns your epic gaming rig into a console clone.

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  • keyone

    yo .. i used to live there… its mcarthur park .. right.??
    well not in the park .. but close by.. im in the valley now..

    oh memories….

  • Martin

    The E3 footage looked great, but the outdoor park footage was all badly overexposed. I suppose this is one way to fix the problem of having the hosts backlit, but I find it distracting.

    The cheap and easy solution is to use a few reflectors (either pro, or those ones that are for car windows) to bounce the sun back into the hosts’ faces. You don’t necessarily need someone to hold a reflector, you can get a stand.

  • SirPoonga

    I am all for turning the PC into a console. It would be a better console than the consoles. Who wouldn’t want to hook up their PC to their 50″ 1080p TV? However, I am not sure about that controller. I don’t like trackballs.

    Here’s the issue with PC gaming. The mouse is king when it comes to FPS, we all know it. However, console does have one advantage here, analog movement control. WASD doesn’t quite do it. For your fast action FPS like Quake, Half Life, UT3, CS:S, and such WASD is fine. But for games like Splinter Cell not so much.

    However, this controller takes away the advantage of a mouse. The reason a mouse is great is because the rotational movement is movement based, not times like with a joystick. To turn a complete circle on a console you have to hold a joystick for a certain amount of time. To turn a complete circle on the PC you have to move the mouse a certain distance. Where the rate of turn on a console is fixed it isn’t on a PC. You eventually get use to how far you need to move the mouse to do a 180. The quicker you can do that the quicker you turn around.

    You still get that with a trackball, however, your movement is limited by the surface area of the trackball. You can only move your thumb so far before you have to reset.

  • Sebastian

    The show is awesome, but I’d be much interesting if you make it more interactive, I bet the community has tons of stuff to share.

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