Episode 715 – The LateHak Show, HFS and DSiXL Mods

The Hack Across America series continues in week 4 with what can only be described as the LateHak Show thanks to the enthusiastic folks at the i3Detroit hackerspace. Jenn Cutter joins us from Toronto for a little Nintendo DSiXL homebrew and Shannon has the cure for HTTP file transfer woes in this weeks Snubs Report. Hang on to your plush primate, it’s time for technolust!

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Arriving at the i3Detroit hackerspace I was delighted to find a late-night set built in their podcast studio. They sure know how to roll out the red carpet. Delighted to a oblige we see in this segment what Hak5 might be if it were a late-night talk show, complete with band and guests. The experience was a joyful departure from the typical Hak5 A-Block format. Enjoy 🙂


With a North American release of Marth 28th, 2010 the Nintendo DSi XL features a 93% larger screen and what percent higher screen resolution?

Enter for your chance to win a super sweet new Hak5 sticker pack set by submitting your answer at hak5.wpengine.com/trivia


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i3Detroit Interview

Continuing the LateHak Show Darren interviews Nick Britsky of i3Detroit about Hackerspaces.

Snubs Report: HTTP File Transfer Servers

Raise your hand if you’ve ever needed to send a file to someone that was too big for email. I have! It’s an age old problem and there are a million and one ways to solve it. But today we’re looking specifically at hassle free options. No web services, no accounts and the easiest way for the person on the other end. But, before we get flooded with email let’s quickly roundup some obvious choices.

Dropbox is simple and elegant, and synchronizes folders between your Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. It’ll even do web storage with some nifty new API’s. We actually use this one to share Hak5 videos in preproduction. Sugarsync is like Dropbox with a bit more functionality. Filezilla Server is for you FTP guys. FTP has been around since 1971 and if you really must use this inherently insecure protocol at least grab a decent open source server. Yousendit, RapidShare, MegaUpload, etc, etc are the ones everyone has probably heard of. You upload it. They download it. We all try to ignore the up-sells.

But why double your efforts uploading then downloading when you can share the file straight from your computer? Or, better yet, have them upload it directly to your hard drive. HFS File Server is a lightweight Windows file server for HTTP, so you access it right in your web browser, and it works right out of the box. It has highly customizable HTML templates if you want to spend the time to make it pretty. It features bandwidth control so it doesn’t slow down your capture-the-flag instagib matches and it’ll even update your Dynamic DNS service in case your public IP changes. Of course it’s free and open source so we love it.

I’ve connected to the Hak5 cloud lab via GoToAssist Express and transferred over hfs.exe. It’s a single executable; no installation required just double click! I love portable apps, did you know that?

Right-click and add a folder. For this example, I chose a real folder.
Our server is running on the default HTTP port 80 but our ISP is evil and blocks it so let’s change that to 8000 by clicking on the current port.
In the address bar you can see your Local Area Network IP address.
If you copy this into a browser you’ll see the files are ready to download, but that’s not going to work so well for our friends online.
So to find your public IP address click Menu, IP Address and Find External Address.
Now that your address has updated you just need to port forward from your router and share the URL.
If you want to make the folder writable so your friends can upload directly to your disk:
Right-click the folder, choose upload and upload for accounts and choose anyone or create an account.
One of my favorite features of HFS is that as a client you can use download tools like w-get or browser extensions like down-them-all to quickly grab files.
HFS will even TAR a folder for you.

Unfortunately HFS File Server is Windows only. It’ll work in Linux under Wine, but if you’re looking for something a little more cross-platform and don’t mind popping open an terminal, I can’t wrap this up without mentioning Droopy.
Droopy is a Python script that’ll run in Windows Mac or Linux and offers similar upload functionality to HFS. No, it won’t share out a directory of files, but it is good for offering up a quickie website where your friend can upload to you.
It’s also dead simple to use. Create a directory and run droopy. You can specify a message with -m (tack m) and a picture with -p (tack p).
Once it’s running head over to http://localhost:8000 and from there you can discover your public address to share it with a friend.

What do you think? Make sure to email me at [email protected].

Shannon Morse

GoToAssist Express

Have you ever tried to help someone through a technical issue over the phone – without access to their computer –it’s a NIGHTMARE! And the last thing you want to do is waste time driving to fix the problem in person. GoToAssist Express is the EASIEST way to remotely view and control another computer – PC or a Mac. With GoToAssist Express, you can instantly connect to a customer’s computer and fix technical issues right on the spot. Service more clients…. more efficiently…more affordably. And Citrix is allowing you to try GoToAssist Express FREE for 30 days! For this special offer, you must visit GoToAssist.com/Hak5 for a FREE trial.

DSiXL Homebrew with Jenn Cuter

This week we have the pleasure of talking to Jenn Cutter from OpenAlpha.tv on the Nintendo DSiXL. Specifically we’re interested in running homebrew on the new handheld. Jenn shares with us a few notes:


If you didn’t flash your system, you had to use
http://eng.supercard.sc/manual/superkey_jj.htm as a slot one passkey
so that you could read roms from a slot two GBA cart like
http://eng.supercard.sc/manual/sd_jj.htm. You also had to run a program (http://eng.supercard.sc/manual/sd_ss.htm) to prep things on
the card before you could use them in your system. These eventually
got replaced by homebrew solutions that only required slot one cards
(a DS cart with either onboard space or a slot for microSD) but often
still required a PC-based program to use properly.

Now there’s a slot one all-in-one solution, just drag and drop:
http://www.acekard.com/ (However it MUST be the 2i for the DSi XL)

Akaio (Open Source Loader to use on it) http://www.normmatt.com/forum/ — can use http://akaio.gbatemp.net/ since it will redirect there anyway.

http://akaio.gbatemp.net/nloaders/ – to get the update to run on the DSi XL, MUST BE RUN ON A Lite or regular DS FIRST

http://www.acekard.com/skin.php – yay pretty skins.

Homebrew discussed include Shooting Watch and ScummVM DS.

Verizon Droid Apps

Verizon DROID Apps have access to every tool the phone has—including the compass, GPS, accelerometer, video player, image capture, etc. The power of the Android apps allows them to run in the background for multi-tasking, give background notifications and enhance each other’s performance. Verizon’s dominant Network and 3G coverage create an unparalleled mobile data solution to keep you connected to the Web and allow you to run heavy data-rich features anytime, anywhere. And with the ever-expanding Android Market you’ll always be able to quickly download the apps you need to get the most out of your DROID.

If you want to know the latest on Hak5 be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Also, now is also a great time to grab some swag from the HakShop – including the new airport friendly WiFi Pineapple with free world-wide shipping.

Details on Darren’s journey across North America can be found at HackAcrossAmerica.com.

And finally if you’d like to suggest a topic for a future show feel free to hit up [email protected]


  • Sitwon

    That GoToExpress toolbar is obnoxiously large and blocks a 3rd of the screen during the Snubs Report. I understand that you have to plug the service, but there must be some better way to do it.

  • Ethan

    “No, it won’t share out a directory of files, but …”
    If you want to do that, change into a directory and type “python -m SimpleHTTPServer 1234” 1234 is the port number, but you can leave it off and it defaults to 8000.

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  • I.P. Freely

    Did anyone catch the showing of Darren’s license in detail?

    Darren Dale Kitchen, don’t you remember your speach about not giving people your info? Especially your signature.

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