Episode 710 – Unsynchronized

In this wacky episode of Hak5 Darren and Paul follow up on some USB Rubber Ducky related topics, a cheaper version of the mini camera from last week, pelican cases, USB LCD monitors and flying zebras. Meanwhile Shannon is investigating a freeware tool that’ll keep your folders in sync over just about any protocol.

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USB Rubber Ducky Defenses

Darren and Paul discuss Moonlit’s Duck Hunt defense program. Paul makes fun of Darren for overpaying for the muvi micro, and Darren shares a story about White-Hat USB Rubber Duckies.

Coors Light

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Snubs Report: Allways Sync

If you’re anything like me you work on multiple computers. Your home desktop, personal laptop, netbook, work laptop, work desktop, not to mention the half dozen servers in your closet. Ok, maybe that one is particular to the Hakhouse — but you get the idea.

And while remote access is a great solution for when you need to grab a file real quick *there’s nothing like having all of your tools, research and work synchronized


And whether you’re using network drives, USB mass storage devices or even Amazon S3 this tool is sure to keep your files in check.

Allway Sync is a Windows folder synchronization tool free for personal use. It supports all types of sync methods, target directories and even features some pretty advanced scheduling options.

As far as target directories are concerned, Allway Sync features a plethora of options including windows folders, usb mass storage devices, network folders, ftp sites, Amazon S3, even WebDav and Activesync.

Of course this is just scratching the surface. Allway Sync has some really powerful scheduling and advanced options so I highly recommend poking around the menus.

GoToAssist Express

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Road Warrior Production Gear

Darren and Paul discuss gear essential to surviving a month of producing on the road, including Pelican cases, and mini USB monitors.


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