Episode 708 – PAX East 2010

Jason and Jenn Cutter bring us sights from the show floor at the Penny Arcade Expo East 2010. Table top dungeons & dragons on a multi-touch surface! A mod to turn any guitar into a game controller and killer gaming headphones. Plus, Shannon investigates secure delete utilities in this week’s Snusb Report. All that and more this time on Hak5.

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Guitar Game Controller Mod

Jason speaks to Alan Chatham of OpenChord.org about their mod that turns any regular guitar into a Rock Band or Guitar Hero controller!

LAN Party

Our next LAN Party, powered by the Varsity eSports League, is Counter-Strike Hide n’ Seek! We’ll be playing this Saturday at game.hak5.wpengine.com.

Go To Assist Express

Their computer. Your brain. How do you get the two together without wasting time and money traveling? Use Go To Assist Express to view and control your customer’s computer ONLINE so you can fix the problem on the spot! Save time and money on travel. Satisfy customer quickly and efficiently. Then move on to other tasks! Try Go To Assist Express FREE for 30 days! For this special offer, you must visit GoToAssist.com/Hak5. That’s GoToAssist.com/Hak5 for a FREE trial.

Multi-touch Dungeons and Dragons

Jason talks to producer/designer Dyala Kattan-Wright and programmer Whitney Babcock-McConnell about Carnegie Mellon University project Surfacescapes — a mashup of Dungeons & Dragons and a Microsoft Surface.


With a 1985 US launch, this 8-bit console sold 34 million units in North America before being discontinued in 1995. Enter for your chance to win Pronobozo’s NEW album Hackwave by submitting your answer at hak5.wpengine.com/trivia

Squarespace is a publishing system for anyone looking to build a blog, portfolio or any kind of website…Squarespace offers a uniquely flexible tool for just about anyone (no coding experience required) to build high end, complex websites with that same functionality that you will find on some of the highest trafficked pages on the web. Squarespace’s newly launched site importer tool makes things so easy to move over. Get a 14 day free trial at Squarespace.com and use code HAK5 for 10% off the LIFETIME of your service.

Tritton Technologies Gaming Headphones

Jenn Cutter from OpenAlpha.tv speaks with Fred Schweer of Tritton Technologies about their cross-platform gaming headphones.

Snubs Report: Secure Delete Utilities

When you absolutely positively need a file to be gone from your system, never to come back from the grave again, you need a secure delete utility in your arsenal. Today Shannon investigates just that, in this week’s Snubs Report

First up, a command-line tool from Microsoft. Sdelete has all the switches and arguments to turn a file into a steaming pile of random bits. It’ll even nix NTFS compressed or encrypted files using the Windows defragmentation API. Minding our P’s and Q’s we learn that the -P option specifies how many times we would like to overwrite a file, and -Q keeps it quiet. Perfect for batch scripting. For example:

@echo off
sdelete.exe -p 4 -q -s %1

If you’re looking for something a little more graphical and user friendly have a look at INFERNO!. While this open-source Windows utility isn’t much to look at, and requires the Microsoft VB 6.0 runtime, it does get the job done. Sporting simple file overwrites, Department of Defense spec overwrites, and the sophisticated Gutmann method for cleaning your disk, this tool surely packs a punch.

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  • Mark

    Regarding secure deletion software, I’m a big fan of Eraser:

    It’s free, easy to use, has a selection of various erasure methods and can also erase free space on a disk/partition to ensure any previously deleted files cannot be restored. If you’re going to use it though, download version 5.8.8 as version 6 is kinda rubbish at the moment.

  • kenny

    Hi Darren,
    I want to know if it’s possible for the Wifi pineapple to be shipped down to Nigeria cause i don’t think it’s been sold here. Thanks and pls give me a feedback.

    • dennis waters

      …and let me guess; you have also inherited an Oil Refinery, the sale of which generated a few million dollars that needs transferring? Suppose you also need someone to help with this and provide a bank account? lol

    • Mark

      Stop sucking up already. If people want to criticize (constructively of course) then they are free to do so. Otherwise Darren will become insulated by fans without knowing whether the show’s actually got problems or not. Kinda like the Linux community right now.

  • Mitchel

    Great episode. I loved the segment on surfacescapes, but I was left unclear as to what will happen to this project when the developers graduate. Will they finish the product? Will they turn it over to the open source community? Will this be available to be modified for other table top games?

    At any rate, keep up the great job guys.

  • R8Z0R1

    Darren/Snubs both of you are great, loved the show and followed it from way back in the day. Keep up the good work (it gives me and my colleagues a subject to discuss at work, and try out!)

    Trust your Technolust

    PS if you are ever around the UK again it would be great to have a few cold ones

  • Jona

    sDelete can also be used to reclaim unused disk space on a SAN if the disk(s) are thin provisioned. After sDelete is run (sDelete.exe -c E:) you would have to migrate the disk to a different Datastore by using vMotion or by vmkfstools.pl command. When migrating you have to use the ‘thin’ provision option.

    Personally I like active killdisk for secure file deletion and dban for secure disk wiping.

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