Episode 707 – Teh Pure Pwnage Special

Back in Canada again eh? It’s another Hak5 field trip. This time the crew is in Toronto for the Pure Pwnage Teh TV Series premiere at the Bloor Street theatre. We’re talking to creators and cast Geoff Lapaire (Kyle), Jarett Cale (Jeremy) and Joel Gardiner (fps_doug).

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Shannon Morse is a Hak5 host and community developer who covers homebrew, freeware, open source and gaming. She is also involved in local theater groups and can be found on various social networks by her nickname Snubs. Outside of Haky she is crazy about theater, fashion and asian culture.
Darren Kitchen is a Hak5 host and producer who covers hacking, networking, open source and embedded devices. He occasionally reviews gadgets on his vlog and offers ride reports on his Hack Across America blog. Outside of Hak5 he is a passionate motorcyclist, photographer and dancer.


  • T_Murray

    This was a breath of fresh air!
    It is nice to see episodes like this and the other episodes on “Hardware Hacks” that get so many high ratings, instead of the stale SSH, De-Auth this and MITM that.
    Great episode, thank you

      • Darren Kitchen

        If you were the producer how would you progress the series? Be a little constructive with your criticism.

        And fwiw this isn’t recycling old episode, this is completely new. A lot has changed since we last interviewed them 3 years ago.

  • Darren Kitchen

    Like I said at the opening of the show, this may not be your cup of tea. You may love it, you may hate it. Still, I encourage you to check out Pure Pwnage. It’s hilarious and it stands out in the world of new media.

    As always, if there is something in particular you want to see on the show don’t hesitate to email us.

  • Trinn

    Heaven forbid Hak5 steps out of the box and switches things up for diversity. I have to agree with T_Murray on this “A breath of fresh air” Is right! Kind of like the Amateur Radio episodes (HAM) It was nice to see something different to encompass a wider viewing scale. Not to mention just plain interesting. Also, seems that the general consensus according to the voting and rating scale on this episode is that more people like and support episodes like this. Hell, this is the first episode I have seen with that many stars in a while.
    – – Trinn

  • Jason

    OK, I’ll try to be fair and offer suggestions instead of being negative. One thing you could try and do is focus a bit on some more base electronic stuff, actually building things instead of taking a commercial product and hacking it. Perhaps it’s just me wanting a Systm replacement but it’s worth a shit.

  • Gus

    The show wasn’t the HAK5 fare that I like watch for. There was nothing to learn. Nothing to experiment with. Nothing gained IMO.

  • Gary

    The internet is full of socially backward people, internet + anonymous = wannabe superman. Hak5 is the best hacker show around! There isn’t anything I see that comes close. How many of us pay to watch this show? We should be more grateful for the hard work Darren and Snubs put into bringing us Hak5 each week for free.

    • Mark

      I agree. It’s easier to complain than it is to complement for some reason. Hak5 isn’t the easier show to make at the best of times (it has a very select audience), so I’m certainly grateful it’s still around. All the best Darren & co!

  • melvin

    i love the George therogood and the destroyers on the interview with jarett.. pure pwnage is bbbbbb bad to the bone!!!!

  • Hac Kfive

    I love the pure pwnage, thanks

    Please get back to showing us some hax0r skills.
    Maybe Mubix can show us some fun rules with airdrop-ng?

    Your life stories are cool n’stuff; They are almost as good as Gears of War Co-Op, lol. Please get back to some haks

    Later, I gotta go practice my Micro

  • 133t

    guys I think its time you put your heads together to think about the future of the show … looks like you have run out of ideas. Pure Pwnage is a pervert and I dunno why you would spoil an episode on him.

  • Droidmonkey

    Another grate show guys i don’t know how you make it but you’r show is amazing. Btw the idea about building stuff sounds really good i think it would be a grate hit.

  • R8Z0R1

    Darren/Snubs both of you are great, loved the show and followed it from way back in the day. Keep up the good work (it gives me and my colleagues a subject to discuss at work, and try out!)

    Trust your Technolust

    PS if you are ever around the UK again it would be great to have a few cold ones.

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  • Mark Hilton

    Hey darren great show, glad to see you guys catching up on pure pwnage however many years it’s been :D.

    just a shame that i can’t watch any of the episodes of the tv series seing as i’m from the UK 🙁

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