Episode 703 – Free Application Sandbox Challenge and Top -Ultra- Warez

Back from Britain and bouncing off the walls Darren pits three ancient Internet Explorers against each other to see which free application sandbox can save you from yourself. Shannon joins us from Missouri for her take on the top “ultra” Windows software, and Paul… Well, Paul’s tearing down the set.

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Rogue DHCP Server Detection

Following up with last week’s discussion on Rogue DHCP Servers I found it fitting to mention Tim Ashley’s Rogue DHCP Server Detector as found on the Hak5 forums.

Free Application Sandbox Challenge

In an effort to discover whether free application sandboxing solutions from Comodo and Sandboxie can save a (L)user from themselves, Darren takes three Internet Explorer 6 Virtual Machines around the Internets famous red light district in a set of challenges put forth by the fine folks at irc.hak5.wpengine.com.

The Top “Ultra” Windows Warez

Perplexed by software titles claiming to be the most elite thing since ascii art Shannon set off to round up the top “Ultra” software for Windows and see there is any merit fo their titles. The round up includes:


  • Tim Ashley

    Thanks for picking up the article on Detectiong Rouge DHCP servers! Been a long time Hak5 fan and just recently started contributing to the forums this past year.

    Thanks for the support guys and i can’t wait to see where the next season takes us (with the big move and all).

  • Jamza

    It depends where you are in the UK, there are some cities/towns which have switched to KM/H but mostly its still MPH. There is actually a big thing at the moment about whether to completely switch to KM/H to help with full integration with the EU.

  • B4ckBOne

    Hey Matt,

    im inviting you to come to Germany and ride some streets with me.
    Im also into Bungee Jumping Skydiving and stuff so if you want to come and join me some time this year dont hezitate. I ride a Honda CBR 600 and you can ride as fast as you want on the Autobahn 🙂
    I just finished my phd in physics and want to have some fun now. Also were known for our beer culture here in Munich (Oktoberfest).
    Im a big fan of the show, keep the good work up guys & snubs 😉

    Cheers matie


  • Alan

    Jamza – not sure where you live but I live in Newcastle and I travel a lot in the UK and the rest of Europe. I have NEVER seen a road sign in Km/h in the UK. I have also not heard of any discussion of the changeover to Km/h. We are still imperial and the cost of changing road signs would be huge. Finally the Highway code and the UK road law only mentions MPH. Any road sign in Km/h would I think be illegal.

  • Darren

    Izak, Hak5 isn’t finishing. There will be a new set at a new house in a new state. As I set out in the beginning of this season, we’re moving.

  • Scorpion54

    I saw that ultra defrag software which sounded good in terms of folders, the one i use which i think is better is Smart defrag by iobit.com its freeware and it can do many drives at once (which is alot better than windows own one) time to start, silent defrag and a good one for laptops is it wont defrag if on battery so great for netbooks and that. (the site even has game booster which is good as well and again freeware)

  • B4ckBOne

    Did i write Matt? Sorry Darren i realy got the name wrong. Please forgive me.
    You could rent a bike at http://www.endurokeller.de/rent/rent.html
    but it’s about 90 to 120 €/day
    also there is http://www.motocyclerent.de/
    where you could rent a small one (125ccm) for 40€, but the real things start at 90 to 120 €

    But maybe we could do some con art on the Phone and try to get one for free by promising that it will be shown in your show.

    And if all attempts fail, i could just ask my Father to borrow me his and give you mine to ride.


  • B4ckBOne

    I realy mixed up the name 🙁 Sorry Darren! I hope you can forgive me.

    now to the invitation, there are several rent a motorcycle shops at munich ranging from 90 to 120 € a day. So renting would not be a problem. But maybe we find a sponsor if we mention that a picture of the bike will be shown on a world wide broadcasted show. Otherwise i could ask my father to borrow me his bike and you could ride on mine.

    So if you wana come visit germany ill make it worth your wile.


  • soupman

    Wow, a lot more English hak5 viewers than I thought! Good episode, couldn’t help think that it was just a little to “idiot-proof” for my liking :/

    “and this adorable lovable monkey is the retarded IE6” – Mind-blowing quote!

    Thanks for feeding my technolust once more 😉


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  • maxsy

    Good stuff, motorbike and winter 😉

    Alps in the summer with fast bike, thats what i want to try! …waiting this darn winter to end…

  • 2gH4cknThr4sh3r

    I just wanted to say keep-up tje good work. Can hardly wait to see the new digs.
    I lived in SF & can tell you I still miss it. Goodluck on the move & will be
    seeing you in season 7.

    On the motorcycle issue, I have a client that rents Int’l Motorcycle touring packages
    Germany, Alps, Autobahn, etc. Bike included from a great selection, & though I can’t
    seak for them, they’re always looking for new ways to advertise, so they may
    be willing to work a discount in exchange for some well placed broadcast sponsorship.
    Just let me know if you’re interested & timefrane
    & I’ll see what I can do.

    Take care.
    Double G

  • Obelix

    Hey Darren & Snubs,

    A trip to the netherlands would be a blast too. The southern part has a nice landscape with a lot of little winding roads leading to germany and belgium, making this part very apealing to bikers. Some nice facts: A tour through a beer-brewery, the best ice-cream ever (Only during the summer), one of the largest mazes in europe, and much more.
    You’re always welcome. Just let me know ahead of time.


  • Hac Kfive

    LOL, the sandbox segment was super funny.

    “running IE6 is getting expensive…”

    5 star writing on that one.

    the “ultra” segment was kind beat

    Speaking of Ultra software. I have to give Ultra Edit some props

  • N3O9Pr


    I realize the “Ultra Mega Cool Bad Arse Tools” segment was a bit of a joke; however, I have to say that there really still are some “Ultra Mega Cool” tools out there. Check out Piriform. Its free, its clean, sans the one check box for a toolbar that you can completely opt out of. A great Defrag, Undelete, Secure Delete, Sys Information, and Junk cleaner… 4 cool tools, one great company.

    …Now if only they would pay me for that speech.

    Really though, if Windows is your bag, grab those tools. You wont regret it.


    P.S. Keep up the good work Hak’ers.

  • bob mcbob

    I just want to back up what Alan said in response to Jamza’s assertion that “some UK cities have switched to KM/H”. Never in my many many years of travelling around britain have I seen speed limit signs in KM/H. I don’t even understand what Jamza means when s/he says some cities have switched to KM/H – speed limits and road signage are dealt with by national government, not local authorities.

    As for the idea that there’s talk of adoption of KM/H to further EU integration… WTF? In the UK we drive on the left hand side of the road, whereas all other EU countries (except the Republic of Ireland) drive on the right. So if there was to be some kind of traffic law integration, I think a decision on what side of the road to use would be a little more important than whether signs are in metric or not.

  • marble

    I believe the yellow, before the green, is used to “tell” the drivers that they can switch on the engine to go away… this should work especially if the drivers are environmentalist and they generally switch off the engine if reaching a red traffic-light. Thx, marble

  • vlad

    u don’t even know what sandboxie does and u review it.
    please stop posting bullshit

  • JT

    Ditto what Vlad says. You have no idea how to use Sandboxie. That is possibly the most inept review I have ever seen. Basic requirement – RTFM. If you can’t be bothered to do that then go and find a new hobby.

  • ssj100

    Ilya Rabinovich, I presume you are DefenseWall’s developer. Regardless, that is a bit of a cheap shot my friend. Firstly, Sandboxie comes with a completely free version for life (unlike DefenseWall). And secondly, this review is not done well at all – they clearly have failed to use Sandboxie properly. And yet you have failed to mention that. Instead, you claim falsely that “Sandboxie is not free”.

    Are you really that desperate to push your competition away?

  • demoneye

    who are the bummers on the video ?
    its seems their connection to pc software is accidental 😀
    they screw it big time reviewing sandboxie what a joke they made out of them-self hehe

    btw : i like the girl at the start of the video 😉

  • John

    Jesus. You guys really have no idea how Sanboxes work do you? The test you performed was retarded. Sandboxie is severely misrepresented in this test as the clowns performing the test obviously have no idea how a sanbox works. Good day.

  • Pipo

    You don’t understand Jack Sh!t about sandboxes.

    Please do not post “reviews” when you have no idea on how to properly use them.

  • nathan

    This is probably the worst review of Sandboxie I have ever seen or to be more frank, the worst “reviewer” of Sandboxie. The monkey err, the guy who tested it clearly doesn’t know how the program works and obviously didn’t even read up on it. Heck even the amateur testers on youtube does way better.

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  • foob

    Ya i kind of lost all respect for you in this review. You have no idea how to use sandboxie and its pretty damn easy to use. You left the file outside of the sandbox so its your fault your test machine got infected. It the second part of the review its probably ie that crashed not sandboxie and if you had it setup to delete all contents of the sandbox on exit then it would have purged everything (all malware ect)…located in the sandboxie.

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