Episode 626 – Shmoocon 2010

We head out to DC for Shmoocon, our favorite hacker conference on the east coast, to talk to some of the brightest minds in security. We talk to Tom Eston about social media security, TheX1le about his new tool airdrop-ng, Jason Scott about preserving our digital heritage, Chris Paget about man-in-the-middle attacks against GSM networks, and much more.

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Self taught packet junkie TheX1le shares with us his new tool for wireless de-authentication and deassociation. Airdrop-ng facilitates client control with versatile rule based control.

Cloning, Spoofing, Man-in-the-middle sniffing, and decrypting GSM

Chris Paget of h4rdw4re shares with us the in’s and out’s of GSM hacking. Armed with a USRP and his open-source software, Paget pretends to be your GSM tower, and a lot more.

Jason Scott – Defender of Digital Heritage
Textfiles.com very own Jason Scott joins us to talk about preserving our digital heritage with Archive Team and why it’s important to keep Geocities, Netscape Now buttons, and *gasp* Hamster Dance.

Social Media Security

Tom Eston shares with us the delicious dangers of social networks while in the hands of web-application exploiting hackers. No worries, he’s got you covered at socialmediasecurity.com

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