Episode 625 – Create a BackTrack 4 persistent USB drive and a ZipIt Userland image for the average user

Darren is playing with the latest version of BackTrack linux, setting up a persistant USB boot drive that’ll keep your files and settings consistent after a restart. Shannon is back at the ZipIt checking out the “Average User” userland image and connecting to WPA protected wireless networks.

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Create a BackTrack 4 persistent USB drive

BackTrack is widely considered the complete hacker boot disc. Born out of WHAX this security sharp linux distro has been years in the making, and finally version 4 final is out.

One of the best ways to experience BackTrack 4 (BT4) is by creating a USB boot drive. Simply download the ISO and “burn” it to a USB drive with a tool like unetbootin.

BackTrack even offers a VMDK if you’re interested in playing around in VMware or VirtualBox.

In this episode Darren guides you through partitioning, formatting and installing BackTrack 4 to a USB drive and configuring persistence.

A ZipIt Userland image for the average user

How to Connect your Zipit Z2 to an encrypted WPA network.
With Aliosa’s OS:

  • Turn on the wireless radio by opening the termina and issuing “ifconfig eth1 up”
  • Create a WPA supplicant configuration file for your router and password by issuing “Wpa_passphrase youraccesspoint yourpassphrase > nameoffile.wpa”
  • Connect to the WPA network using the configuration file you just created with “Wpa_supplicant –Dwext –i eth1 –c nameoffile.wpa –B”
  • Get an IP address from your router’s DHCP by typing “Dhclient eth1”.

Installing RootNexus’s ‘Average User’ userland image.

  • Plug in your miniSD
  • Open PhysDiscWrite GUI
  • Right-click miniSD, choose Oofnen, choose Image Laden
  • Choose the average user image file
  • Click yes, and wait 10 minutes.
  • Eject your miniSD safely and restart your Zipit Z2 with the miniSD card in it

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