Episode 623 – CES 2010 Part 2: Drones, Smartbooks, Pocket HD Cams, Gaming Gloves & Lego

Part 2 of our favorite things from the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Tune in for our first impressions of the latest in Smartbooks, Pocket HD cameras, and Drones? Plus gamer gloves with keybindings and a Lego MMORPG.

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Lenovo Skylight smartbook

Boasting a 10.1-inch screen, built-in 3G and 10 hour battery life the Lenovo Skylight is a welcome companion to our all-day connected aresnal. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and running a completely homebrew Linux platform we see first hand how a little ARM device can handle rich media playback and 90% including Flash. The apps leave a bit to be desired but the point of this Smartbook is web, web, web. Firefox included. SDK coming soon 🙂

Creative Vado HD 3rd Gen: More features & accessories

We caught up with the folks at Creative to find out what’s new with the Vado line of HD pocket camcorders. Darren will attest to their quality and ease of use in the moto-vlogging department but with no mic-in options like the Kodak Zi8 can Creative keep up the pace? We think so. The latest generation Vado HD sports 4GB of built-in memory capable of recording 2 hours of 720P video, real HDMI out, and a flexible USB plug. More importantly it offers a mic-in / headphone / video-out jack and there is talk of accessories. Accessories? We’re hearing about magnetic lenses and audio kits. Two words: Game Changer. I’ve preordered the $180 gadget and can’t wait for delivery in the second half of February. At which time I’ll be sure to submit some videos to their newly introduced VadoTV.com site.

Peregrine Gaming Glove

The Peregrine Gaming Glove by Iron Will Innovations has over 30 touch points for user programmable actions for PC games. All you have to do is touch your thumb to your fingertip and watch your character move on screen. The software to create your key bindings is easy to use and customizable. The touch points are durable and user-adjustable to your hand size. The glove itself is hand washable with soap and water, has ventilation, a magnetic break away USB port pod, and gold plated connectors. Soon, the pods will be available with customizable LED modes and colors. The Peregrine is available now for preorder at $129.99 until the end of January, then the price raises to $150.

Kodak Playsport waterproof HD Pocket Camera

Kodak introduced a waterproof companion to their already popular Zi8 pocket camcorder. The Playsport features full 1080p30 HD capture and a 2″ LCD display housed inside a rugged package that’s capable of submersion up to 10 feet. It sets itself apart from the crowd with it’s SDHC card expansion up to 32GB for a whopping 10 hours of HD recording time. You’ll of course need to swap out the Li-Ion battery which is thankfully removable. A remote control is sold seperately for those times when you’ve got it setup on your tripod in the deep-end…..err something. It’s available in March for $150. Sadly, no mic-in options.

Parrot AR.Drone

The Parrot AR.Drone is a wifi helicopter with 2 cameras that can be controlled by your iphone. The quadricopter is made of high resistance plastic and carbon fiber, with Wi-Fi and two small cameras installed. Software is included to process images for augmented reality. The Drone moves when you move, and can reach about 15 yards away from you at one time. Developers will be able to create their own games to be played on the iphone with the Drone, so you will be able to shoot down enemies in your living room with the augmented reality. No price yet, but word is we’ll be seeing this in the summer ’10.

Lego Universe MMO

Let your inner eleven year old play Lego! On your computer. Online. Because, well, every successful franchise needs an MMO. Details are rather limited on Lego Universe but what we do know is it’s a family friendly (moderated) MMO with your standard fare quest dispensing NPCs, themed worlds and and currency (bricks). It’s open ended in that you can use gathered bricks to build establishments, and if we heard correctly even vehicles. Supposedly there is a plot that the PR folks didn’t want to get into but feel free to geek out on the wikipedia article’s details.

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