Episode 620 – IP Spoofing, World of Goo Mods, Linux Drive Encryption, Ultralight Notebooks and much more

On this episode of Hak5 Darren joins Jenn Cutter in Toronto to talk IP Spoofing, Tethering Terms of Service, World of Goo mods, Linux Drive Encryption, 13″ Ultralight notebooks and more.

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Tethering TOS and IP Spoofing

Brice writes “Thanks for showing how to tether Droid with Ubuntu. I use them both quite often.
I was wondering if tethering the Droid is against the TOS/Verizon contract.”

Well Brice, technically it may be a violation of your carriers terms of service. I know at least with Verizon’s Wireless business accounts there is an additional fee, around $30/mo I believe, for tethering with a smartphone like a blackberry.

I can also say from personal experience having tethered since 2001 on both Sprint and Verizon, that as long as you stay under the 5-gig cap you should be ok. Programs like June Fabrics PDAnet allow one to tether on most platforms and, from what I hear from my telco buddies, the carrier can’t tell the difference between the traffic originating from the phone or your laptop. I haven’t heard any horror stories of penalties for using such application however I’d be curious to hear from our audience if such a thing has happened in the past.

Kuroha write “I want to use Spotify, the new music service, but I keep getting this error:
Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions we are not yet available in your country. We understand that you are currently in United States. How do I spoof my IP so it looks like I’m in Finland?”

Kuroha, there is a misconception about IP Spoofing that’s simply summed up by saying this. The source address of your computer is part of the IP packet header. There are plenty of programs out there that will let you spoof this source port, including our favorite tool nmap. However, like a return address on postage, unless you’re in a position to listen to the replies to your spoofed packets (such as on a local network) you aren’t going to get anything useful back from the server.

What you’re more likely referrencing isn’t IP Spoofing as much as it is simply bouncing your traffic off a server in another country — typically done to anonymize Internet traffic or for secure tunneling on untrusted networks. The SSH tunneling with dynamic SOCKS proxies we’ve been talking about recently will do the trick. It’s just a matter of finding a cheap shell, VPS or other server that allows tunneling in the country of your choosing.

Don’t forget this month’s LAN Party is Left 4 Dead 2. We’ll be playing at game.hak5.wpengine.com Saturday and Sunday, January 2nd and 3rd. Hope to see you there!

World of Goo Mods

Recently I’ve been playing a lot of World of Goo. It’s an amazingly simple and fun game. I’ve been playing on the Wii but soon after arriving in Toronto Jenn Cutter picked up the title for her tablet and has been dabbling with the mods.

If you’re interested in making your own levels, or downloading fan-created levels and other mods be sure to check out GooFans.com — they also have a great forum on modding.

This week’s trivia question is: “World of Goo developers shares the same open source physics engine as what 2007 first-person shooter?” Answer at hak5.wpengine.com/trivia and be entered to win Pronobozo‘s album Zero=One=Everything.

Easy Linux drive encryption with Cryptsetup

When it comes to Linux, I love super user friendly and powerful utilities. This is one such tool. Since the 2.6.4 kernel drive encryption has been built in, and this tool cryptsetup makes setting it up a breeze. Follow along in this tutorial as I keep my secret thumb drive free from prying eyes.

I’ve gotta give props to Peter Savage for sending this my way. Check out his SciFi fantasy novel Emblem Divide — it’s wicked good.

Wallpaper Contest: Best 2010 “New Years” Hak5 Wallpaper! Get creative and submit your wallpaper to Hak5.org/forums under the Community Images board.

Ultralight Notebooks

Chris writes: “I was wandering if you could suggest a laptop that is lightweight, long battery life, 13.3 inch screen, with Win 7. Budget of $1000”

Chris, I recently did just this research. I was looking for a notebook to edit the show on the go — which isn’t easy considering the heaft and hunger of those AVCHD video files. If you’ve been watching the show for a while you also know I’m the netbook boy. First with the 7″ eeePC, then the 9″ Aspire One, and more recently the 10″ Nokia Booklet 3g. The next step up to get a “real CPU” is 13.3″ — a sweet spot of performance and portability.

What I found was that ultra-light, ultra-long battery life is in. These sweet new Consumer-Ultra-Low-Voltage (culv) chips from Intel and AMD are sexy. I thought I would need a 35 watt Core i7, or at least a 25 watt 2.2GHz or faster Core2Duo to edit on the go — but I lucked out with the 10 watt 1.3ghz SU7300 Core2Duo chip from Intel.

The video editing performance of the ASUS UL-series notebook I ended up with is aided by hardware accellerated video processing in the GMA 4500 M HD. AVC, VC1 and h.264 decoding are offloaded to the graphics chip. In Windows 7 Home Premium I’m able to playback 17mbps AVCHD in WMP using only 20% CPU. Not bad at all.

So if you’re willing to live without an optical drive an ultralight notebook may be the best choice for you. The performance seems enough and the battery life is steller. I’ve seen prices in the $650 – 900 range so take a look at the ASUS UL, Acer Timeline, Dell Inspiron Z, Samsing X and Lenovo U series notebooks. Just be sure to get a Core 2 Duo — I’m not reading great things about the Core 2 Solo part. SU7xxx and SU9xxx seem to be where it’s at. For now. We’ll likely see a lot more of these slim buggers at CES.

I want to give a special thanks to our crew for being so supportive while I was in hospital. Shannon did a wonderful job of taking care of the hakshop and mailing out all the orders while I was away. Thanks Revision3 for understanding about the late episode, Sentara for their open wifi and hot nurses, and a big thanks to our loyal fans. All of well wishes on twitter, facebook and youtube, the forums and IRC brightened my day every day. And DigiPirate, thanks for the awesome USB Dalek Webcam. Exterminate!! Exterminate!!


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