Episode 615 – Linux Hacking the Zipit, SMS Scripting Google Voice, and Chrome OS

Nothing makes us happier than hacking an inexpensive gadget to run just about any Linux app — and that’s exactly what Shannon Morse is doing this week on Hak5. We’re also joined by Jason for a little Google Voice SMS scripting with Java or PHP libraries, and Darren Kitchen has gone googly for Chrome OS. Prepare the popcorn it’s technolust time!

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First look at Google Chromium OS

Last week the news was a buzz about Google’s Chrome OS, and while we typically don’t cover tech news on the show I freaked out in my usual open source, cloud lovin’ Linux-y sorta way. So this week we’re taking a first look at Chromium OS — the FOSS project that Chrome is built on.

Darren Kitchen

Google Voice SMS Scripting with Java and J-Bomb

Google voice is a powerful multi-use tool that could be used as a free SMS aggregator, that could be leveraged for anything you could come up that would fit into 140 charters, like a text based adventure game or a sms bbs. There are several different libraries that people have developed to take full advantage of Google voice’s features: Java Libary, PHP Libary, or for those who just want the raw unofficial API. The sky is the limit with this, the code that was showed is up on the forums, so head over there and get those idea up there. Source Code


PS: Doesn’t J-Bomb sound like some sort of netbeans module?

Unlocking Linux on the Zipit Z2, a $50 hacktop

The Zipit Z2 is an inexpensive wireless handheld instant messaging device by Zipit Wireless. It sports WiFi, a color 320×240 display, backlit keyboard and similar CPU and memory to that of a last-gen smart phone.

It’s also a prime candidate for some hacking. In this segment we’ll unlock the device and install Debian, X, and Pidgin. The Z2 also has potential for emulators, video streaming and more.

Rather than repeat what has already been well documented we’ll link to these helpful Zipit Z2 hacking resources:


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