Episode 601 – New Digs

Engineering a mid size office network from the ground up. Matt shares with us tips on switch stacking and more. Palm centro security? Shannon shows us how to bypass SIM lockout. And Darren’s getting his grub2 on without borking his ubuntu box. All that and more on this episode of Hak5.

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The Palm Centro has the ability to do a system lockout with access to the SIM only by using a PIN code. If you set this lockout, when you power cycle your phone, you can only have access to the lockout menu. You can either enter your PIN, choose cancel, or choose make emergency call. If you choose make emergency call and go through a few buttons, you can enter the hardware of the Centro. From the main menu of one of these phones, you can access the users contacts, SMS messages, photos, apps, games, notes, and more. Here is a walkthrough of how to bypass the lockout:
How to Bypass Your Palm Centro Security

To help protect your phone from this kind of issue, you can use a program like Warden Security. Sadly, it costs a whopping $14.95, and no one wants to spend that much on an app!
Warden Security

Know of a nifty phone hack you want to share with us? Email feedback with details!


  • hexskrew

    Wow, I must say I very much enjoyed this ep! I loved the idea of haklabs, and the other stuff you folks are talking about. I must say I lol’d pretty hard when ya’ll talked about… ‘yall’. I live in South MS, so.. obviously I have known the word since back in the day 😛

    This really blindsided me that this ep. is so cool! Hey Matt, I just wanted to say you startled me a little with what your segment was about!!! Reason being I just started CCNA 3 yesterday(well. day before by now) and I just got reading chapter 2 about trunking, vlans, and 10gigEthernet.

    Trying to see if my teacher will let us watch this today in class 😀

  • dennis

    Great start to the new season!!

    With regards to Grub2, I tried it, and couldn’t get it to boot my truecrypt encrypted Windows partition (so I reverted to legacy grub until a guide comes out!) If the hak5 crew or anyone else can help with this, I would appreciate it. My old grub menu.lst section looked like (which works flawlessly):

    title Windows
    rootnoverify (hd0,0)
    chainloader (hd0,1)/boot/truecrypt.mbr

    I tried things like:

    menuentry “Windows” {
    set root=(hd0,0)
    chainloader (hd0,1)/truecrypt.mbr

    But I get various different error messages… I’m sure i’ve missed a line 😛

  • NET::abuse

    Hey guys. Like the new set, the mini monitors are really sweet.
    @TheGeek I agree, you need more direct lighting on yourselves, The dark red/velvet colour background really means you have to make yourselves stand out with full lighting.

    I’m well interested in producing a video loop, will have to play with some linux video editors and the assets pack you’ve posted.

    Awsome guys. looking forward to s06e02 😛

  • NET::abuse

    All sorts of wordpress comment component, server farts after posting the comment there. Looks like the comment still showed up, just had to re-enter the url for the shows page after being presented with several php session error messages.

    Anyway, enough nit picking, sorry guys 😉

  • JC

    Looking for download link to Grub 2.0. I found 1.97… Just got my 16GB flash drive in and ready to combine all my thumb drives.

  • norberto

    your show is always as expected excellent, hey shannon on episode 516 you spoke about avidemux it was very good here is another free video editing software it’s called loiloscope go http://www.loiloscope.com there is a free edition there enjoy. also i have a request can hak5 do a series on video editing, i myself use videoredo to edit tivo files but sometimes it can get a little complicated please help.

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