Episode 523 – Return of the Matt: Physical to Virtual and Apache Tomcat3

Matt Lestock returns and brings us the skinny on converting physical servers into virtual servers and piping ’em right into your ESXi box while Darren takes the scenic route on a Linux Apache Tomcat install with some Java and bash lovin’.

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Matt Lestock uses VMware Converter to take that ugly power hungry idle beast and turn it into a sleek and slim virtual machine, piped stright into your ESXi host.

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Darren Kitchen is cooking up a Linux based Java servlet container and HTTP web server with Apache Tomcat. While never distributions and package repositories can make setting up a Tomcat server a breeze, it’s nice to have an understanding of the manual process.

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  • birus

    Great episode and yet too not a big fan of java / tomcat. Anyway just a tip that you don’t have to do all that symlink goodness and just use the update-rc.d command to make life a bit easier.

    Keep up the great work!


  • stephen

    regards matt. and welcome back.
    like d show bts u gt ur logo “trust your technolust” from hackers 1 the movie from d part when der in d train station in d phone booths its behind zero cool

  • Ron

    Love the show.
    Darren, thanks for the Tomcat…please keep going.
    I know that it might suck, but it is real and I’d like to understand it a bit more.
    It seemed like a bit of a cop out that the only gripe Matt voiced regarding Tomcat was that “if you don’t have a dedicated admin” who knows what they are doing you could be in for a world of hurt…where is that NOT the case?

    Don’t like Tomcat/Java but still want to know more about it.


  • Darren

    Noctarius, thanks for the linky 🙂

    tekKnoXpresso, I’m not 100% on that either but I’m sure Mubix clears it up at http://podcastersmeetup.com

    Looking at the schedule right now it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing my Tomcat follow-up back to back. We’ve got a USB toolkit segment planned for 524, then we’re shooting 525 in San Francisco, so probably 526–the last episode of season5! (season6 begins the following week).

  • stephen

    oops retract of previous comment i meant slogan “trust your technolust” can be seen in hackers 1 the movie titled “hackers” anyway it is seen near the end when der in the train stations in the phone booths and behind zero cool u can see a poster/sign saying “trust your technolust” i only found it a few days ago when i watched d film first btw it was pretty cool but its hard to find a really good hacker flick, were overdue for a good hacker film die hard 4.0 was good but more action than hacker flick neways still good

    get well matt

  • Wizzard

    The Dell 490 build sounds GREAT! Can you post the build and suppliers if possible? This sounds like what I’ve been looking for and for under 2 grand. I would love to see it. Thanks….Great show!

  • seef

    Hey, great episode!

    I also really like the concept of a series of episodes with diffrent aspects of one topic. So keep it up that way! (by the way, you won’t need to think of that much stuff to cover in a season)

    Will there be a show that covers Software-virtualisation? would be great!

    To Matt: regards, also from me. Been trough that too…and it’s hard!

    from Luxembourg

  • carl campbell

    thanks for the new episode yall, ill make sure to stay tuned for that usb toolkit next week. Hey if you guys are in the Frisco area and wondering how we party West Coast style hit me up man.

    [email protected]

  • iCON

    Matt you just made my day and saved me a shed load of money by showing the new vmware convertor the older one wouldnt import to esx or esxi servers unless you paid for VC. Just made me very happy and my job a hell of a lot easier.

  • mattyB

    To parrot what Ron posted, I was saddened to here you guys bashing Tomcat. Many of us use it in production and development environments alike; both on company products & home hacks. Not all of us work in Microsoft shops.

    I’m curious if you have any real complaints about it. You might also look into other products:
    – JBoss
    – Glassfish

  • pixel

    Mmm, typical tomcat/java hatery 🙂 Curious that Squarespace thing that you love so much is Java based 🙂

    As a 5 year enterprise Java developer (who also educated all the syadmins in looking after this stuff), I can tell you that Tomcat and Java are WAY overkill if all you really need is a LAMP server. But if you want an extremely stable, scalable, clusterable, expandable, enterprise-level system, then it blows most other platforms out of the water, including that Microsoft tat. Just don’t try to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Or a muppet to create said application.

    I hope you’re going to conclude this little series by showing how Java web/app servers should be run in a dedicated app LAN, separated by firewalls from the DB LAN and DMZ, with Apache using ProxyPass and AJP13 to load-balance traffic to a clustered Tomcat installation. (If you want more info on this let me know).

    Oh yeah, and the only good desktop app created in Java is the Eclipse IDE; Java sucks on the desktop.

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