Episode 514 – Network Tap Analyzers, Streaming Music with Netcat and Wii Homebrew on System Menu 4.0

Mubix of Room362 comes down to the HakHouse to share his favorite tools for analyzing packet captures and network taps. Darren’s toying around with netcat and music streaming while Shannon’s got the skinny on the latest hacks for Wii Homebrew with system menu 4.0.

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Show Notes

While Matt’s busy moving into his new house Mubix of Room362 fills in with an awesome segment on analyzing data from packet captures or live network taps using Network Miner and Net Witness.

Darren’s taking Chad’s advice and using netcat with mpg123 to stream music from the console.

Plus Shannon has the skinny on unlocking your Wii and installing homebrew even if you’re running the new System Menu 4.0.

And don’t forget to check out our latest contest at Hak5.org/yourlan where the most creative network will win cozy Hak5 gear from our newly opened HakShop


  • Shikata

    @Shann – I now see why it takes 30 seconds. Thanks!

    @Darren – With all of these great tools coming out, when does the 1337 hacker start to blend with the script kiddies and noobs? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE open source, but I feel its becoming way to easy for some n00b to come along and pwn away. Although, with so many switched networks around these days, it’s becoming a bit more difficult to get in the bit stream.

    Also, have you started playing with the new wifi infrastructures such as Meru, Foundry and Cisco? They have done some interesting things to the signaling and are also making it very difficult for clients to communicate to each other. Nothing a pineapple cant solve 😛

    @mubix – Love NetWitness! Hate windows, but love the app.

    AHHH… Where is the monkey @ the shop?

  • Ross

    Since my previous comment on the past episode was ignored, I’ll post it again. I tried the hack for the 4.0, and it does work. I was also able to install BootMii, except it took 4 tries (the first 3 froze, not bricked, my wii). The only annoying thing with BootMii is that you have to use the power button on the wii to change your selection, and press reset to confirm your selection. Other than that, its great, and it should help to prevent your wii from getting bricked!

  • [3w`Sparky]

    So where do we find the Cat cam links then ?
    watching the cat live or pre recorded would be very cool !

  • Fred W

    Aww… I feel so bad Hak.5 is forced to promote that damn seat belt thing. That TV ad with the flying tickets is the dumbest thing.

  • Darren

    @Fred W,

    Actually we’re not forced to promote anything. We can turn down any ad campaign. IIRC it’s in out contract.

    But honestly there’s no reason you shouldn’t be wearing your seat belt so it’s a campaign I can totally get behind.

    I got in an accident when I was 17 (uninsured tree came out of nowhere) and wearing my belt likely saved me from injury.

    The only time I don’t wear a belt is when riding Jozette (my motorcycle) — duh! ^_^

  • Mnemonic

    Seatbelts are mandatory here…it stands to reason that if your travelling artificialy faster than you normally would under bipedal locomotion you’re going to need artifical assistance to halt your own inertia.

  • 3w'sparky

    Question: how big was the lock of matt’s hair ?

    I Mean he hasn’t been seen since i’m thinking he might be half bald as a result of all those winners ?

    there fobbing us off something about him moving out or some such . . .

  • Redxine

    Aren’t Lithium Polymer batteries kinda *slightly more dangerous than others? I’m all for the light weight and incredible flexibility, but there’s something about explode on charge that doesn’t quite click with me. Or does it…. ?D.

    Anyways, Does anyone know about running mpg123 with pulse audio?

  • Darren

    I wasn’t aware of an increased risk of fire with Lithium Polymer batteries, so I read up on it. Here’s a video of one exploding and how to properly use these batteries:


    Not sure how much of that is fear mongering or propaganda. Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

    Li-poly batteries are also gaining favor in the world of Radio-controlled aircraft as well as Radio-controlled cars, where the advantages of both lower weight and greatly increased run times can be sufficient justification for the price. Some airsoft gun owners have switched to LiPo batteries due to the above reasons and the increased rate of fire they provide. However, lithium polymer-specific chargers are required to avoid fire and explosion. Explosions can also occur if the battery is short-circuited, as tremendous current passes through the cell in an instant. Radio-control enthusiasts take special precautions to ensure their battery leads are properly connected and insulated. Furthermore fires can occur if the cell or pack is punctured. Radio-controlled car batteries are often protected by durable plastic cases to prevent puncture. Specially designed electronic motor speed controls are used to prevent excessive discharge and subsequent battery damage. This is achieved using a low voltage cutoff (LVC) setting that is adjusted to maintain cell voltage greater than (typically) 3 V per cell.
    Li-poly batteries are also gaining ground in PDAs and laptop computers, such as Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Macbook Air, Amazon’s Kindle, Lenovo’s Thinkpad X300 and Ultrabay Batteries, the OQO series of palmtops, the HP Mini and Dell products featuring D-bay batteries. They can be found in small digital music devices such as iPods and other MP3 players as well as gaming equipment like Sony’s Playstation 3 wireless controllers[2]. They are desirable in applications where small form factors and energy density outweigh cost considerations.

    Now that I know the potential dangers I’ll be sure not to leave the batteries charging unattended and will be careful not to let them overcharge.

    Thanks for pointing that out Redxine.

    Also, I don’t want my cat exploding so I’ll reserve the micro camera to robotics instead of pets.

  • Sitwon

    @Shannon: I like what you did with you hair. It was surprising to see you with curls, but I think they look really good.

  • John

    While I’ve never done it, there is an option in the Settings menu on the Wii (on the last page) there’s a “Format Wii System Memory” option.

  • NetWitness

    BTW, as a NetWitness user, you were wrong about live capture. You can view network traffic while capturing, but since NetWitness sessionizes all traffic, it doesn’t get indexed until it gets flushed from the session assembler. So it may not appear immediately as the packets are captured, but it will appear eventually based on the session timeout setting.

  • GodSponge

    I haven’t used the bannerbomb since I used the twilight hack on mine before updating to SM v4. There are several ways to hack around v4. There is either a wad file or a homebrew app you can run to update v4 and patch it to run unsigned stuff off of the SD card.

    Also, I can confirm another working copy of BootMii. I think it’s a great app, but since you can’t use the Wiimote with it, it is a bit of a pain to use the reset button or break out an old GameCube controller.

    I did find an option that you can add to the BootMii config file that makes it boot directly to the System Menu so that you can only boot to BootMii if you need to backup or recover. You can actually set it to boot to the System Menu, or boot directly to the Homebrew Channel.

  • Al

    Great episode as always – Kudos on the seatbelt ads – saved my life a couple times.

    You went over the ways to analyse a wireshark capture with windows – what tools are available for those of us on the other side of the fence with linux?

  • ozmosyd

    Hi Peeps,

    Love your work I have been follwing for a bit and love it I think the show is PURE CLASS!

    I got extremly excited with the Wii 4.0 “work around” and eagarly set to the task of perfoming the mission to … well … unlock my wii.

    Anyway, I cant see any show notes about it? I have got as far as unpacking bannerbomb file but dont know what to do about the elf file? Was hoping a quick run down of how to perform the “work around” would be in the s/notes asmentioned in the cast.

    So how do I get elf file … what is an elf file etc.



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  • Deco

    Hey guys!!!

    Great tip on the bannerbomb hack for the Wii 4.0 Menu system. It worked for me, and now I had hacked my Wii!!!

    Congrats for your show. I watch it every week.


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  • Jonathan William Mikula

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