Episode 510 – Virtualization and Emulation

Matt kicks off a series on Virtualization and invites us to see the 10 Gigabit beast at his office while Shannon and Darren wrap up their series on Wii Homebrew with the easiest way to backup and load Wii games and the Dolphin emulator.

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Show Notes


So we’ve finally come to the point in which I’ve been worn down enough to begin highlighting some virtualization for you guys.

In this episode I kind of gave you a brief overview of a singular reason one would want to virtualize their infrastructure.


Now more than ever I’m sure your CAPEX budgets are tightening or have vanished completely for this fiscal year.

Let’s take a real down and dirty look at the primary benefit of virtualization.

Last year I purchased a Dell server with the following specs for about $22,000

4x Quad-Core Xeon X7350 processors at 2.93GHz
5x 15,000RPM 450GB SAS Hard Drives

Now as you can see this is a beast.

VMWare licensing costs for this server are about another $10,000. OUCH! However there’s more.

Right now I’m running 38 virtual machines on this server. With room for more.

Let’s say the average 1U server costs $1500. Where am I at from a pure cost perspective?

A) Virtual Environment – $32,000

B) Separate Physical machines – $57,000

This doesn’t take into account the virtual environment’s savings on things such as power consumption, or cooling.

Plus with another server, and a SAN you now have a Highly Available system for about the same cost as individual machines.

I know this was a brief overview of the primary benefits of virtualization, but I wanted to give you guys an idea of just what is accomplishable when you begin thinking virtually.

I’ll be bringing you a bunch more segments in the coming weeks ranging from SAN selection and implementation to building a cheap virtual environment at your house, so stay tuned for more!

Matt Lestock


The Monkey Wallpaper contest is still going on. Entries are due by Friday, April 24th. The winner will be announced on next weeks episode, 511. You can find all the art work and submission details at Hak5.org/MonkeyContest. The winner will receive a deluxe sock monkey kit from SockMonkey.net!

This week we have a new contest — a code challenge. If you’re into PHP, Imagemagick, and gmail you’ll want to get involved. Entries are due by Friday, May 1st. The winner will be announced on episode 512. you can find all the details at Hak5.org/CodeChallenge. The winner will receive a copy of Mario Lurig’s PHP Book PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5.

Wii Homebrew News

Team Twiizers focus on BootMii

On the 16th Team Twiizers, the folks that brought us the Homebrew Channel, announced that they have shifted their focus to the BootMii project.

BootMii is system boots before the Wii System Menu and allows for complete low level control of the Wii, including launching the homebrew channel.

Team Twiizers expects to have a beta released within the coming weeks. So far it has been successfully installed on about a dozen Wiis.

We’ll have a hands on look when it becomes available.

USB Loader released

Earlier this month Waninkoko released USB Loader, an homebrew Wii app which allows you to backup game discs to USB Hard Drive or SD card run backed up games from said media without needing the original disc.

Obviously this tool has piracy potential written all over it but it’s also the fastest and most convenient option we’ve found for backing up games.

Last week we demoed nitrotux’s Wii Disc Dumper, a similar backup tool that took 10 hours to download a Dual-Layer Wii Disc in 6 parts.

The newly released USB Loader does that in 1/10th the time directly to a single ISO file. We’ll be using it today as part of our Wii 720p segment

Dolphin build 2962 released

On the 13th Dolphin build 2962 hit subversion. This latest build adds OpenAL audio support, the ability to frame dump to AVI, various bug fixes and a more powerful Xbox 360 controller rumble. Huzzah

Wii Homebrew Review

A lot has changed over the last four weeks since we started playing with Wii Homebrew so before we get into the latest — backing up Wii Games and playing them in HD on your PC — let’s review how we got here.

Currently the best method for installing Homebrew on your Wii is through a technique known as the Twilight Hack. This involves loading a special save-game for Zelda: Twilight Princess that causes a buffer overflow and code execution.

This method was thwarted by Nintendo’s recently released System Menu 4.0. If you haven’t updated your Wii already we advise you steer clear until the homebrew scene can come up with a new hack.

If you already have homebrew installed, such as the Homebrew Channel or DVD-X, updating to 4.0 doesn’t break those but we still advise against it.

The most essential homebrew app is the Homebrew Channel. It’s a breeze to install with the twilight hack and once installed you can use it to launch other homebrew apps from your SD card — no need to pull off the twilight hack every time you want to play a different homebrew app.

The Homebrew Browser is another essential as it allows you to download homebrew apps, games, utilities and demos right from your Wii’s Internet connection and onto your SD card.

A great list of homebrew apps can be found at the WiiBrew.org wiki. Details for pulling off these hacks can be found in our show notes and previous episodes.

USB SD Loader

The USB SD Loader from waninkoko is, IMHO, the easiest way to backup Wii games — far superior to the disc dumper we showed off on 509. That said, it should be known that in order to use the USB SD Loader you must modify your Wii using a wad manager — but you’ve already voided the warranty anyway right? It is also worth noting that as of writing it does not backup gamecube discs. For that you’ll need to stick to the disc dumper mentioned on 509.

In order to use the USB Loader you’ll need to install the USB Loader wad file using a wad manager. Once installed you’ll need to run the cios36 rev10 installer. Then ensure that the IOS36-64-v1024.wad file is in the root of your SD card and start the USB Loader from the new channel item in system menu.

You’ll have the option to format either an SD card or USB drive in WBFS. This will be the medium for storing and running backed up games. It’s probably not a good idea to format your regular homebrew SD card for this ;). I took the USB route opting to format a portable 320GB HDD. Once formatted, installing games is as simple as inserting the disc, pressing (+) on the wii remote and following the prompts. Typical single-layer discs take about an hour to copy.

In order to get the game off your removable hard drive and onto your computer in ISO form you’ll need to install the (windows only) WBFS Manager program. This program lets you select your removable drive and extract games as ISO images. You can also copy any ISOs you may have on your computer to the removable drive with this tool.

Dolphin Emulator

Once you have a legally copied ISO file on your computer you’ll want to install and configure Dolphin in order to play it.

The important bits to note about getting Dolphin to run properly is that you’ll need Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 (x86 or x64) installed. You’ll also need the DirectX March 2009 Runtime. Use the Microsoft DirectX Updater. It’s probably also a good idea to update your video drivers while you’re at it.

Dolphin itself is pretty easy to use. Like most emulators it features a plethora of control configurations and convenient save state options.

Thanks for watching, subscribing, and most of all supporting the show. Custom commissioned WiFi Pineapples running Jasager are still available.


  • h3%5kr3w

    This was a fricking stupendously awesome show!

    Matt – I’ll be honest with you, for a long while I thought you were just a vmware whore cause you never talked about virtualbox (cause v-box is free n all) till recently when I finally started using vmware server, and this ep. has me really excited for the virtualization technology of the future. That was an excellent explanation of the cost of virtualization. Also Those specs for that Dell server are like WHaT”?! Out of this world spec (for me anyways) . Great show man.

    Darren – Right after watching the last ep. I finally broke down, got an sd card for my wii ($9 4 2gb @ wallmart, yah I know I could have got it for cheaper, but I was impatient..) and did the twilight hack. THANK GOD I didn’t update before I did it, and now I got my card full of homebrew, and running perfectly (less the DVD playback brew…) BTW, for those of you interested, I did in fact update after the twilight hack to the newest IOS and everything works fine (but I dont know if that’s why I can’t get the dvd playback to work..). The wii homebrew segments keep getting better and better. Good work Darren!

    Snubs – You should do more info on the stuff like wordpress. Great stuff btw. I don’t use it but I can see where alot of other people would be interested. I would LOVE to see you start segments on reviews of the Wii Homebrew and games, and maybe for the ones that are early on in the production, seeing if you can get in touch with some of these coders and finding where they are in the project(s). But you always do a great job, and keep it up!

    Kerby – Good job keetee!

  • chA1nBull3t

    Glad to see we’re starting to get into the nice “nitty gritty” part Homebrew. I for one can’t wait until Bootmii comes out. The potential it has is amazing. We already have Preloader which is very similar but Bootmii is suppose to be much more stable and safe. (Thank god. I already bricked my Wii trying to install Preloader :X. Luckily I was on 3.2U).

  • chA1nBull3t

    Oh and I forgot to mention a couple things: when you’re copying the boot.dol files to the apps/ folder, you don’t need a meta.xml or a picture. The Homebrew Channel only needs the boot.dol as it will simply just show the file location on the SD when you load it.
    That way, you don’t run into any potential problems when you have multiple .boot files that show the same name or image,etc.

    Also, I’m sure you guys already know, USB loader 1.5 just got released. However, I’d also be interesting if you guys try to promote any custom loaders since Waninkoko released the source code. Loaders such as the USB GUI loader or Ultimate Loader add extra features such as theming, ocarina support, region changing, etc. which make it very useful. Just a little hint ;P.

    And lastly, I gotta play you guys in SSBB.
    Brawl Friend Code: 1160 9768 0238

  • Luke (devnullgt)


    Loved the segment, I wish you would have done it like 2 months ago before we setup our ESX environment. Anyway, looking at your cost allocation, you also have to figure in the cost of the SAN itself, which is a decent amount, support for 10G switches, etc.

    However, that being said, the mistake most people make is looking solely at the price points, which is ok, but not really the only thing that you should consider. You save on having to multiple consoles or KVMs, save on rack space, save on management, save on cooling/power, and the like. If you build another R900, setup a ESX cluster with HA and Vmotion, you have redundancy for the server without having another physical chassis, you can dynamically allocate resources (since, really, how often are ALL of your servers pegged at 100% utilization….none of mine are, and it’s almost a waste of a chassis [not anymore!], and if you start getting low, the ballooning driver in ESX gets you some extra memory resources), all kinds of good shit. Hope to see more on it, and I’ll also be more than happy to throw any of my experiences your way with ESX.

  • goat225

    I’m trying to do the usb loader and well I can’t find the files you talk about on the show! where did you download the 4 files. I have found the cIOS36 rev 10 installer but not the wad file or the usb loader wad I can find a usb loader dol but no wad and I would like to have the channel and not have to run it through homebrew channel. Thanks keep up the good work

  • goat225

    Thanks but they do not have a wad that I can find it is just a dol that works find from the homebrew channel but you showed a nice wad that added it’s own channel. Do you have a link do that by any chance. I was able to do a network install of the CIOS but just can’t find that usb loader wad. Thanks and WOW that was a quick responce you rock man.

  • Ian

    Guys, don’t use that disc dumper. 😛 It’s way easier (and faster) to use something like FTPii to just grab the disc image using an FTP client via the network straight from your Wii. That dumper was fine a few years ago, but there is much better and easier ways now.

    Also folks, be careful with the WAD files. If you install a channel of some homebrew app that someone made and they didn’t make it quite right (most of the time this happens when someone screws the banner up), you can screw your Wii up and cause it to not boot.

  • Ian

    Oh, right…nearly forgot. In the last episode (which I just happened to have watched) you said that homebrew needed System Menu 4.0 in order to use SDHC cards and that is simply not true. Actually homebrew supported SDHC well before Nintendo did. Most apps work with SDHC…that disc dumper you used would not, however. It’s kinda old and out of date.

  • fuckdoom

    Stop with the DOOM, newbies.
    Go back talking about the technology. Don’t you guys have more better ideas than discussing Doom, Windows antivirus, Firefox plugins, and low level port probing using nmap? No wonder you guys left C in hack. You guys can’t really hack. Talking about VM might be the right direction, but VM has been around since 1990s. Get with the program.

  • fuckdoom

    The number one goal is NEVER follow Tekzilla’s direction. There are plenty of techshows exist that explain how to use Firefox, game consoles, and Itune like Tekzilla. I think your co-host with a beard knows what is going on. I seem to fastforward to his segment, then delete the file. Most people want something useful to learn. Also, a bit board with interviews with script kiddies who know how to use exploits in Windows. Maybe, interviews with original developers will be better.

  • Darren

    How to use Firefox and game consoles? You must have this show mistaken with something else.

    Lately we’ve been talking about virtualization, wii homebrew, embedded linux devices, XMPP, Voice over IP servers, wireless network tap clients in Linux, DNS tunneling, development boards, hacking tools and php code.

    Also, for what it’s worth Tekzilla does a fine job of bringing tech to the masses.

    If there’s something you’d like us to feature on the show please be specific and we’ll see what we can do. You mention interviewing developers — software developers I assume — are there any in particular you think we should speak to?

  • frank

    Bad administrator… no, CTO!

    MATT! OMG…

    WTF r u thinking?

    Admitting that you will get fired if that single Dell goes down does not absolve you from the sin. You should get some backup in place FAST. You’re putting your entire company and anyone else who works there at risk. In fact, if it were to fail you may even be looking at criminal and certainly civil liabilities as the show proves you knew the risk. I’m no lawyer though, so I may be way off base here.

    Otherwise great show!


  • Darren Kitchen


    I can’t speak for Matt but I know they have one hell of a RAID5 (36 TB I believe) that does massive backups. I’m sure all of those VMs are redundant whether it be brick level or some fancy fail over stuff.

  • h3%5kr3w

    Darren, I know that you and everybody in the hakhouse has not had very much time lately to get on the forums, but disregard the comments like fuckdoom posted. We have been seeing more and more script-kiddies l8ly and I think it’s just a bunch of wanna-be hackers that have came over from the rev3 forums since your show has been doing better and better l8ly.

    Yes there are always things that can be improved, but these people are lame, and they just want to know how to hack their school or something, and then get mad when we don’t show them.

    ****This is a public announcement********
    ****Don’t Feed the Script-kiddies!!!*******

  • char_guerilla

    frank said (to Matt):
    “You should get some backup in place FAST.”

    Darren Said:
    “I can’t speak for Matt but I know they have one hell of a RAID5 (36 TB I believe) that does massive backups.”

    I don’t think it’s the memory backup so much – I think the idea is that even though virtualization is great ‘n’ all (and I really like the possibility of future exploration of it on the show), the problem is that you have a single point of failure (a big Dell box) for what alot of infrastructure (45 servers). One box goes down, 45 servers go down.

  • fuckdoom

    what kind of name is h3%5kr3w? who spells lately as “l8ly?” freaking script kiddies with XP? no wonder hacking is completely dead. it is all windows XP kids who download scripts they don’t know how to use. no wonder people are recompiling vulnerability scanners as vulnerability injectors to fool these fools.

  • fuckdoom

    One more thing… tell the bearded guy (smarter one) to go over the blue pill myth on virtualization. script kiddies like h3%5kr3w needs to know. i’m so sick of sysadmins who assume they are hackers because they know how to use 2003/2008. Also, go over the driver stack potential vulnerabilities in GSX/Vmware servers. It probably doesn’t apply to Esxi and above.

  • matt

    @FD, look dude, you’re from Philly, you’re angry, I get it.
    But your comments are neither insightful nor helpful.
    If you don’t like the show or job that we’re doing, it’s quite simple.
    Don’t watch again. If you have something constructive to say other than bashing the “skiddies” then say it, otherwise let’s try and stay on target.

    Oh, and being that GSX is no longer supported I really don’t think going over a 4 year old exploit is worth it (Server 2 is a different code base and therefore does not apply). I’m not a hacker, I’m a systems guy, and if you can’t respect that, or the people who watch our show, than there’s nothing left to discuss, begone.

    AKA “The Bearded Guy”

  • luis

    Nice show!!! i’m trying to load the “USB Loader 1_4.wad” file using the Wad Manager v1.3 but i keep getting error “>> Installing ticket… ERROR! (ret * -20011). I don’t know if i’m missing a step?

  • Darren

    @luis, I hear there is a version of the USB Loader that will launch from the Homebrew Channel, rather than installing as a Wii Channel using the wad. You might try that. Sorry no link — I wish I had bookmarked it before tehskeen removed all references to loader related content.

    Side rant: The homebrew scene needs to grow up and realize that just because a tool has the potential for piracy doesn’t mean that’s all it’s good for.

  • luis

    Thanks for the quick response. I have two kids, they take the best care of there games (already ruined one disk). This seems like best way to protect my investment (legitimately purchased games). Thank you for help.

  • fuckdoom

    To Matt (aka The Bearded Guy)
    Vmware 1.0.x (version that most people use) has same similar issues as GSX. GSX is Vmware server 1 series. Vmware 2.x is a bit of rewrite, but certain things do stay the same. Most people here are using the free version, so they should know. Philly? You can reconfigure your Apache 2.2.9 to detect proxy clients. This probably indicates you don’t maintain your Apache/linux server and this is a virtual hosting. At the same time, you are running a webmin on a site that has a name, hak. You might be using a standard vm hosting from your provider. That means your data you have gathered for your advertisers are probably inaccurate in many areas. You probably haven’t maximize the data gathering tool to help your advertisers. Also, your advertising numbers might be highly inaccurate. I hope you know you can hop multiple proxies without using ssh’s dynamic forwarding. The advertising package of demographic and psychographic profiles might be totally useless. Also, bearded guy, we might already met before. Also, please don’t use Webmin. Who enables root authentication over internet? This is a security issue you should fix. Set your iptables to Darren’s home ip address. Set a proxy server or ssh server that only can be routed and maintain from his home ip address.

  • Chris

    You cant Have Wii version 3.4U or later to do the formentioned Hak. I tried for hours and got the 2011 error. You have to downgrade form 3.4U to be able to install this. Just google it and you will find a lot of tutorials. I am still Hunting for the USB loader 1.5 wad. The .dol does not seam to mount myusb drive correctly. It just hangs at that step.

  • Rob

    @Darren Ive been having some trouble following the installation of the Wii usb loader. You seem to skip around a lot and not give all the info. Like the .wad file you got, where did you get it. The link you gave points to a .dol. Ive had homebrew for a year now but i cant figure out the installation of this at all. I got to the point of running the USB loader but it says custom IOS could not be loaded. When i tried to run cIOS36 the screen just turns black. Is this cuz i installed 4.0? If so how do i downgrade. I think you should to a special ep of a straight run through of hacking the wii. But please make sure you give an awesome detailed step by step.

  • Skateaction

    Great show!! I love the Wii Homebrew segments. I have got the USB loader 1.4 on my Wii and working great with an old Seagate 80GB drive. I have successfully backed up my Wii Games and they play great. My only question is, what did you use for the Gamecube back-up? I have tried the USB Loader 1.4 and I get and unrecognized disc error on all my games. Did you guys use a different loader or something for the Gamecube discs?

  • Flawd

    I can’t seem to find that cIOS wad file anywhere either. I saw it was mentioned that someone took down all the wad files. Does anyone out there have the cIOS wad? If you’re willing to share let me know please!

  • bill paxton

    I have all of the files (and loader 1.5, all with xmls and pngs ready to go), email me with what you need, [email protected]. If you have 4.0u and are getting -20011 errors still, load a cios24 wad and then usb loader, then re-install the 36 and delete the wad in the root of your card and hardboot yer wii, then put the wad back in the root and reload the 36 wad, and hard boot again.
    Also get wbfs manager 3.0 and format an 8gb stick (or bigger, I use a 360gb passport) before you launch the usb loader and you will breeze right through it.

  • bill paxton

    Loads of people were having problems getting ios36 loaded and lots have asked how to move files from say, a USB thumb drive to a USB external drive, so here is a link to all the files to get it going along with the WBFS manager tool and a handy dandy walk thru for un-f’ing up your wiii and getting everything in there nicely.
    Don’t know how long it will last…. http://www.sendspace.com/file/cpiwrl

  • bill paxton

    so now I have a walkthrough on creating a customized channel on the wii menu thanks to wiishizzza’s code. I will put up the links for the wads hopefully tomorrow based on my workload-I’ve also got a homebrew installer cooking for 4.0U and hope to have that working by the weekend.
    We don’t need no stinkin’ downgrades!


  • Brian

    Hey gang,

    Just stumbled onto this site. GREAT JOB!! The shows are just awesome!!

    The segments on virtualization are very interesting! I have some server “sprawlage” that needs to be looked into. ESXi may be my ticket to some green goodness.

    Thanks for all the real world, hands-on info! You guys make technology fun!!

    Best Regards,


  • Banner Bob

    I’ve set up a web site where i’ve assembled all the best wii hacking information available on the internets, visit my site at http://bannerbomb.net and you too will now be the proud owner of a fully hacked wii! I’ve also got a full tutorial on how to hack the wii ver 4.2 without the need for any kind of game, all you need is an SD card! All of this information is of course free!

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