Episode 507 — The Bad 90s Show

This April 1st we bring you a gem* from the archives. Recently dig’d from a super VHS tape it’s Hak5 episode 507 from 1995. We take a peak at a Windows 95 “chicago” beta build, get our phone phreaking on, and review one of the latest SNES games.

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Show Notes

Every geek should take a look at Windows Chicago Build 58 — it’s classic.

Special Information Tones can be used for all sorts of interesting things.

The Lion King for SNES is honestly one of the better Disney games of its time.

We’ll be back next week with an awesome episode from 2009!

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  • c rob

    Pure and simple entertainment. Great work! Something different to keep me amused. What a cool flash back. Short and sweet and I had to watch it to the end. Happy April fools day — you bunch of fools…..

  • LuiLui

    Wicked Episode guys… lol… I loved the show today… as C Rob said man… Great Flash back.. I reckon have a little segment of flash back of bits and pieces.. so we can re-live the pains of dialling up with a HAYES 2400 modems… and EDO RAM.. or even older stuff… lol

  • skisy

    Haha, awesome. And I totally remember that Lion King game. Woah the feel of nostalgia is totally taking over, hmmmm….real button cheats….hip hop….fresh prince of bel air……VHS…….pentium processors….pagers and other stuff like that….

  • Diriel

    That was kind of a flashback to when I was 14 trolling BBSes, playing Legend of the red dragon, and beating Super nintendo games. Really weird flashback to see where some of our current Windows functionality originated. Oh, and Shannon’s sis is pretty cute.

  • saivert

    Great “episode” guys!

    File Manager wasn’t really new in Windows 95 though, and why focus on minimizing windows. Would be better if you showed us the new control panel or the networking options.

  • ddfy

    I like the way its episode 507 from 1995, yet Windows Chicago Build 58 came out in 93 and the final version of 95 was released on August 24 1995.

    sounded more like the vista release plan

  • Jason

    Very nice guys, loved it
    Gotta say though, I’m a Donkey Kong fanboy… would’ve loved a DKC 1 review or 2 plug in there. Great nostalgia

  • Nullspace

    around 1:48 When Matt is talking about the case mod, the video looks like it glitches or was cut weirdly and goes to a totally different segment on the xvid and mp4 file.

  • FearFactory

    Awesome Gag … Should have shown a Turbo Button MOD or something like that as for in 1995 the more fortunate had the Pentium CPU, and less fortunate such as myself was still running on the 80486 33 Mhz…lol

    Or better yet, overclocking the 486 DX 66 to 83 Mhz and then come up with rediculous water cooling ( Garden Hose and sump with rubbermaid water storage tank ) and LED lit case etc with the older style RED, ORANGE, or GREEN “only” available colors for 1995…although the modern bling would clash with 1995 style systems, but LEDs have been around since the 70s so its possible to bling out a 486 in 1995

    Maybe next year! =)

  • Best epsode ever

    If only all the episodes where like that. I really like the phreaking segment you should do more of them.

  • Mnemonic

    I kinda skipped through the episode…i’m tending to a lot of that lately.

    Sorry for being a straight shooter.

  • Ron M.


    Luvd the show. You missed one thing, near the end of the show you said to go to bbs.hak5.wpengine.com. You should have built a simple joke page for it.

    Keep it up.

    Ron, from Charleston SC

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