Episode 505 – Introducing Interceptor: The network tap and rogue wireless access point

The perfect primate for pen testers is none other than network monkey. Introducing Robin Wood’s Interceptor — on this episode we hack the Fon+ and turn it into a network tap and rogue wireless access point. Sniff the LAN from across the street or hack the network from the inside out! Learn how Network Monkey Pirates your Packets today!

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Show Notes

Our friend digininja is at it again. On this episode we feature Robin Wood‘s latest hack based on none other than the Fon+ wireless router.

Interceptor is a wireless wired network tap. Simply put you place it in line on an ethernet cable, then connect to it via a special wireless access point. Once connected and running the Interceptor scripts you’ll be able to sniff all of the traffic passing across the wire.

Interceptor doesn’t affect TTL and adds minimal latency to packets. It doesn’t associate to the target network so discovering an active Interceptor on your LAN isn’t trivial.

This tool is perfect for pen testers. The device inexpensive, based on the Fon+ router and using open source software. It is small enough to fit behind a network wall plate, inside a plush monkey, or even inside a network switch or other gear.

In this episode we demonstrate the usage, illustrate the installation and speak with the developer Robin Wood.

You can download the software and play with it yourself from digininja.org/interceptor and find support and discussion at the Hak5 Interceptor Forum.

Thanks for watching, subscribing, and most of all supporting the show. On a related note custom commissioned WiFi Pineapples running Jasager are now available.

We return next week with a regular format show. Don’t forget to submit your [email protected] and [email protected] and trust your technolust!


  • calle

    Thanks for a new episode. im downloading it right now.
    I gotta say i just love the show. been following for … dont know how long. Its just fun to watch

    from sweden

  • Fred

    This is by far one of the best episodes of Hak5. The beginning was funny, the Interceptor segment was detailed, yet quick, and the interview was interesting.

    I’m off to order a FON+ 😀

  • Nescire

    Omg, wtf was that intro story?!
    Money Penny and Jarett, oh no….
    Ah and Darren, bad costume for a flower dilivery guy i think 😉
    But i love this episode ;D

  • Missy

    Hi Matt!!! Great intro! Funnier than hell. Sorry… but you know that I didn’t understand the rest of the show. lol. You look great! keep up the good work.


  • Josh

    I’ll echo Missy…that intro had me LMAO and emailing to my brothers. This probably sounds unimpressive, but if you knew me, you’d understand that I’m pretty damn circumspect with the email links, and even more so with my ass attachment policy.

    Matt seemed a little grumpy past few episodes, so I’m even more pleased to see that he’s back and with XLBs.

    As if that weren’t enough, the tech content was outstanding as well (ditto for last week’s, in case I forget to comment there too.

    Keep ’em swinging.

    P.S. Cool – recaptcha even has a VA themed word for me…”Monticello”. Madmad props if that was intentional. TJ would be proud.

  • Alex

    … I recently purchased a bottle of OWN JIUCE! … … I need a sling for my balls! Not a bananna hammock! lolollolololololol lauched my ass off at just the beginning. Great monkey tool guys!

  • Darren

    @angablade, yes I did. I didn’t catch the mistake in editing either. I said ath0 when the screen said wlan0. Either way replace with the name of your wireless interface.

  • Okami


    Great Episode. The intro was great, Social Enginering for the win x) . And what a Hillarious Social Enginering LOOOOLLL. xD

    Best Episode!

  • Warezjoe

    That was an awesome skit!
    Usually I want to punch Matt in the ball (kiddin’), but this time I’ll respect the awesome balls!

    As always an awesome show!
    Keep it up guys!

  • dellthinker

    Would this be able to bypass a switch thats guarding against ARP poisoning? Or could you sniff the entire network with out having to get tangled up in any security blocks?

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