Episode 421 — CES Day 2: Netbook Tablets, Ultra Portables, USB3, PVRs, and Scuba Gear?

After scouring the show floor for the second day we reconvene at the NBC Universal stage to bring you guys some tecnolust. Netbooks, USB3, PVRs Oh My!
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Show Notes

Hauppauge HD PVR

Nextar Z10 Micro Projector

Fresco Logic USB3 SSD

Asus eee T91 tablet netbook

Fujitsu LifeBook u820

Shuttle portable touchscreen

Liquid Image Scuba Series HD320

Contour Design Roller Mouse Pro and Contour Mouse


  • Daniel

    The guy in the blue shirt was a major douchebag. I wish I could have puched him in the face. The guy with the scuba diving mask, Darren I believe, was totally cool and giving off an enthusiastic vibe. I haven’t seen hak5 since episode 4 or something and I’m very happy to see how far they’ve come. If that guy is always that douchy please take him off the show, he’s dragging you down and killing the mood… the douchebag…

  • street

    great episode. u all looked professional on that fancy stage lol. i would definitely like to hear weather you can use those “over sized blackberry’s” (thats all i can remember them being called. thats sad..lol) with the ath cards for playing with wep / wpa / airbase. great show though kickass toys too.

  • d1g1taLph3r3t

    When is the HAK5 CES day 2 video gonna be on Rev3 so I can get the embed code for it?

    Just wondering.

    I had a blast watching you guys display all the new and awesome tech gadgets at CES!

    Trust Your Technolust!

  • Jim Davies

    Those scuba goggles actually sound very reasonably priced. A buddy of mine is currently going through scuba diving classes and had to buy a new set of goggles. He ended up not getting the top of the line ones and still paid about $80. They don’t even do anything special. They just sit on his face looking goofy.

    Wondering how well those digital ones function as scuba gear. So often cool technology cross overs fall short. Either the technology isn’t up to par but the equipment rocks or the technology rocks even though the equipment is under par.

  • Joey Pesci

    Watched only a few mins so far and worrying you’re being tempted to get into bed with the big companies. We don’t want you to go that way, stay away from NBC, we won’t you to stay independent. Will watch the rest later. Seems OK bar the shaky camera work.

  • Charles Schultz

    Would love to see you guys go more in-depth on the PVR scene. TiVo is fine for your average user, but seriously lacking in kernel access, quite slow when transferring files, and other assorted sundry issues. Would love to use MythBuntu on the PC, but the install/admin and daily operation are just plain ghastly for those who know nothing about video codecs or technical details on the capture card. Been using MS Media Center 2005, but hate how it cannot be manipulated in other formats, and the time-lapse bar is not intelligent (out of synch when you fast forward, pause, rewind); GreenThumb helps, but only partially. What I expect to be a straight-forward process of remastering TV shows to a DVD is horribly complex; maybe because I also want to transcode on the fly (HD -> SD in some cases). Where do video novices go?

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