Episode 420 — CES Day 1: Magnetic Card Reader Encryption, LCD eyewear, USB over ethernet, 3D printing and more

We show off some of the neatest toys found at this years Consumer Electronics Show

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Show Notes

QwicKey – Personal Online Security Device

Vuzix iWear 1440 Virtual Reality eyewear

nPower Personal Energy Charger

Super Talent Worlds “smallest” flash drive

Shapeways 3D printing

The “hunt + peck keyboard for one finger typist” – Complete with the LOL key. Really.

Audio Bone Ear Free Listening


  • Scorpion

    I haven’t watched this yet but why release this now why not on wednesday? (give your selfs a little break)

    I might say something after this not sure (it wont mean i didnt like it)

  • JP

    3D products have been getting released forever, they are finally starting to get a bit cooler now though like that product you showed at the beginning of the show

    Unlike 10+ years ago when all we had was the Nintendo Virtual Boy, remember how awesome that was…. Not…

  • jzman

    This episode is really awesome. I especially love that the episode is in HD. Even when your just playing this episode in high quality and not HD, this episode looks more vibrant than all the previous episodes. What ever you are doing for this episode, keep it up, it looks really good.

  • Joey Pesci

    You need to let Snubs finish her segments off and stop talking over her. Darren seemed to take over her explanation of the walking charging thing, instead of letting her finish explaining it herself. Then talked over her when she was making a comment about the keyboard.

  • twocs

    How many times have companies announced that theirs is the world’s smallest high-capacity USB drive? Those might be the world’s smallest USB drives, but they’re not much smaller than the Sony ones. Basically, these drives can’t be any smaller, or you wouldn’t be able to get them out of the USB port.

  • Joey Pesci

    Despite my other comment it did look nice in HD and you’re all getting more professional. However, don’t get too professional ’cause it’ll get boring 🙂 that’s why I like about Hak.5, it’s done by some everyday people, not corporate professionals who say what they are paid to say, instead of what they really think about a product.

    And I only discovered Hak.5 in December from watching some youtube vids of season 1 🙂

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