Episode 418 — Laser Range Finding and File Recovery

In this new years eve episode Jason joins us to talk about Laser Range Finding using the USB Missile Launcher and some custom code. Chris Gerling is in the house doing file recovery the down and dirty way. Trust your Technolust and thanks for a great ’08!


Show Notes

Laser Range Finding

Adding laser range finding to the web missile software would make is so the web user could determine if a target is in range of the missile launcher. The laser range finding software does work but it is a slightly changeling getting it work with current hardware because of the age of the software. It’s really more of a proof of concept than a real tool. The theory behind it, is that distance of the laser can be determined by counting the number of pixels from the center of the CCD to the point lasers reflects on the CDD, that count plus the distance between the laser and the camera gives us the side of the triangle. Then using some simple trigonometry you can find the base of the triangle which is the distance that the object is from the laser.

The problem is the size of the dot on the CCD is not taken into account, so this theory only works for objects in a certain range. That range depends on the distance between the laser and camera. The missile launcher has a short range so the new idea is using two cameras for the laser range finding, one for the missile launchers short range needs and one for long range playing with the cat. Then you can get the best of both worlds the new concept.

There is also a hardware solution


File Recovery with the SIFT

In 418 I demonstrated some of the basics in recovering deleted files. Using a DD image taken from a usb drive which had files deleted from it first, I showed off a program called fls which shows you the inodes for each file on a system. Using these inode references, you can carve out in a filesystem exactly where a given file is supposed to reside in the unallocated space. Darren and I discuss some of the math behind this. In the next part I will be showing an easier method of doing this via foremost.

Chris Gerling

Until next week we welcome your feedback and remind you to Trust your Technolust


  • Ingo

    What is this? When I first started to view your show there was alot of information and alot of cool stuff, now the last two shows have been disasters.

    There is lot of gigling around about nothing really (which is fine for the bloopers part at the end of episode, but it shouldn’t affect the show) and it seems like some of the segments have had next to no thinking behind them they just try to roll with their own weight, some of them manage to do so most of them don’t.

    For example last OS X segment (yeah, it wasn’t in this episode, but what ever…) there was no information about anything really, just quick review of what kind (and how many) softwares there are.

    Maybe I am way off with my oppinion and guess some of the viewers find theys episodes funny and informative sadly I am not one of thouse people.. anyways you are so far best IT/Tech show that’s freely accessable by internet and I hope you guys keep up with the good work.

    Ingo out.

  • USSVoyager

    @ingo These last two episode’s may not have been the best that Hak5 has to offer, but there is good reason for it. With the Christmas season upon us, the Hak.5 crew needed a two week break in order to prepare for the holiday season and to spend time with family and friends. So both episodes were filmed on the same night and having to plan out two episodes in one week has to be a very difficult task.

    I’d like to thank Darren, Matt, Shannon and the rest of the Hak.5 crew for making sure we got our weekly dose of Technolust. I hope you all had a great holiday break and am excited for more Hak.5 in the year to come.

    Great Job!

    Ryan Murphy

  • street

    Ingo give them a break the work their asses off putting this show out, they deserve a break. everyone deserves to have some fun and screw off during the holidays. so maybe be for you start bitching about how its not up to your standards next time you should think about how much of a dick you will sound like….
    (sorry about that rant everyone else)

    Great show guys! Thanks for putting in all the time and effort for the show. you all do an amazing job. keep up the great work.

    Happy New Year everyone,
    party on

  • street

    i know what you are saying, and any other time of the year i would agree with you. but its the holidays. so what if they put out a few episodes that don’t hold up to their usual level of information / content. but as i said they deserve a break, a chance to relax and have some fun. we should just be grateful that they put out this show for us (for free non the less).

  • Darren Kitchen

    Well as you can see at http://is.gd/eObJ we’ve taken your feedback into consideration with another experimental show that I’m eager to see your reactions on.

    And do finally put this to rest and reiterate what Street has said. Yes, it was the holidays, we were having fun, and behind the desk you really can’t tell if we’re even wearing pants.

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