Episode 408 — Dissect TCP/IP, Dos Box, Alice, Day-Con, and Fon Batteries

Chris Gerling breaks down IP and TCP headers with Wireshark and building blocks. Shannon Morse shows us DosBox, a free IBM PC DOS emulator. Christine Bourquin talks about Alice, a teaching programming language for beginners. Darren Kitchen summarises his experience at Day-Con and answers some questions about Fon batteries. [ MP4 | XviD | WMV ]

Show Notes

Chris Gerling dives into the structure of IP and TCP headers in part two of his three part series on packet sniffing. He covers everything from source ports to checksums and everything inbetween offering insight into TCP packets in plain English. Then in part three he covers basic Wireshark usage and advanced techniques. Read more on packet sniffing on his blog at ChrisGerling.com

Shannon Morse shares with us DosBox, the free and open source IBM PC emulator that allows you to break out those old floppies and play your DOS games once again. While we wait for DNF, anyone for a Duke Nukem 3D deathmatch?

Christine Bourquin demos Alice, an innovative 3D programming language that makes it easy to teach programming using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Perfect for the next generation of computer scientists.

Darren Kitchen brings us his review of Day-Con with photos courtesy of the security twits. He also talks about Jasager batteries both big and small.

And on a production note: We’ve switched over from a standard-def composite based video mixing solution to a high-def HDMI based system. We’re not ready to release the full 720p quite yet as we’re ironing out (read: developing on the fly) the post production process but in the mean time we’ve got damn good looking 480p and we’re looking for your feedback. Thanks a million to everyone who has donated and helped make this happen!


  • Someone

    Hey, I really enjoy your show and love it, but I must confess, that for me it’s a bit too much of Becks advertising. Yes, you need the money and yes, they are paying good, but everywhere bottles, over three times mentioning it… I don’t know, for me this is too much….

  • Darren

    The mention in the packet sniffing segment was more or less a joke. A pretty bad pun about network hops and beers hops. The bottles are everywhere because we’re all drinking the stuff. You won’t see Beck’s on the next episode (409).

  • Chris Gerling

    Yeah I wasn’t even thinking about that when i said it. We enjoy our beer together and it was just one of those things that fit in well within the house at that moment. Nothing more intended by it. 🙂

  • wertyl

    ouch.. if I knew you were shooting the warsow stuff in the background live I could have done something more spectacular than chat for the first 10 minutes 😀 Anyways.. I’m just glad to see warsow getting some well deserved publicity.
    Good show!

    / wertyl (the on-screen warsow player)

  • Scorpion

    DosBox is a great program i use it to play Theme Park (Cpu speed has to be set to under 5% to run at normal pace lol). I can see why Someone isn’t liking the beer thing but to me everyone has to make money and it don’t bother me with the beer. I still like it that the evil server is in but what a werid one in this espisde.


  • dr.miljenko

    i dont understand why are you trying to get an HD, quality so far is excelent…
    by my opinion, it is better to spend money on some other things that you need then hd.

  • Jaryth

    Indeed a good show, and the HD quality was damn great!
    As far as the ‘ad’s go…. well… this episode was 42 minutes long. if that was on TV, it would be in an hour long slot, and have at LEAST 6 commercial breaks. During which time your VERY likely to see the same ad a good 6 times… so… really… get over it? There doing a good job, I don’t mind if they advertise.

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