Episode 406 – Packet Sniffing 101, Social Media with Boxee, and multiple Gordon Freemans with Synergy

Chris Gerling begins a three part series on Packet Sniffing starting with the fundamentals of packet structure, the OSI model, tools and terminology. Matt harnesses the social power of media with Boxee, a social media center based on XMBC. Shannon demos out Synergy, the Half-Life 2 co-op mod, and Darren check out Cron for Windows.
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Show Notes

Matt Lestock harnesses the social power of media with Boxee, a social media center based on XBMC.

Chris Gerling starts a 3 part series on packet sniffing, this time starting with the fundamental structure of a packet, the OSI levels, the tools and terminology.

Darren Kitchen demos Cron for Windows, a tool from Tom Bell that brings the powerful task scheduling service Cron to Windows!

Shannon Morse checks out Synergy, the Half-Life 2 mod that allows you and your friends to play as multiple Gordon Freemans through Half-Life 2 campaigns in co-op mode. w00t!

We’ll be at Day-Con in Dayton Ohio this weekend. Come meet us at the con or hit up the after party if you’re in the area (I think it’s 21 and up). Then on the 25th we’ll be heading down to Nashville, TN for Phreaknic so be sure to stay tuned to Hak5.org for all the details and announcements or follow @hak5 on the twitter.

Oh yes, and we’ve ordered nearly all the equipment necessary to go HD! Woohoo! Thanks so much for all the donations. We’ll be high-res in no time now 🙂


  • Timmay

    Great ep guys, darren in the corner love it lol hope he doesn’t punch the set again that would suck! I can only imagine how many people are going to watch this and get even more confused on the 7 layers of Chinese hell. hated that in school but got it eventually. loved the half-life mod downloading it now. dont ask me how i did but i knew the trivia i am amazed!

  • Dark

    Hi guys, I’ve been folowing you from Belgium from season 1 episode 1 (have them all). Good show all round, it’s nice to have seen the show evolve but still stay “true” (smth I didn’t quite get with systm, sorry guys ;)) I speak up now for the first time because the first thing that caught my attention in this show was the BT t-shirt! I’d love to get my hands on one! I’ve been looking around but neither the remote-exploit or the offensive security sites offer them. If anyone knows where to get one, inform me. Or if you hak5 guys would like to reward your day 1 Belgian fan with a BT shirt, that would be even more cool (you can all sign it) ;P

    I’d like to end by saying it’s nice to see some more of the getting down to the packets and all. I hope things progress even further on that point. Great show!

  • James Aragorn

    I am sorry due to shortage of time i can’t follow hak5 🙁 like i used to, but still awesome effort by everyone and hopefully i will watch all of the episodes in one go.
    Next week until then download and wait. 🙂

  • Marco

    Great episode guys, thanks for covering packet sniffing! I appreciate the explanations and types of applications you guys would use sniffing for. I am hoping for general overviews as well as finite details in your next portions of the packet sniffing series. Thanks once again, Good Job!

    – Marco

  • memsomiam

    Hmmmm…whenever I watch Chris Gerling, I wait for his latest gaffe. So, “..Packets that arrive out of sequence cause file corruption”? Err no, packets arriving out of sequence is not the reason for corrupt files, missing packets, corrupt packets or damaged headers cause corrupt files. The TCP/IP protocol assumes packets might be out of sequence and accomodates that fact. I can’t wait to see what happens in his next bumbling segment :-)))

  • killing for jesus

    I am glad you are covering packets, I am a newbie. Can you please tell me how to put these episodes on DVD. In Lame man terms.

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