Episode 404 — Not Found: Multi-Touch Mini, Virus Infection Analysis, Photosynth and Chrome

Building a mini multi-touch table. Analysis of a Virus Infection in Windows. Photo stitching to the extreme with Photosynth, and Google Chrome memory manager. [ MP4 | XviD | WMV ]


Production Note

We’re still working on going HD and hope to be there by the end of the year. More details.

Show Notes

Chris Gerling invites us to infect and analyze a Windows installation. Don’t worry, it’s just a VM. We take a look at realtime process and event logging using free tools from Sysinternals. More.

Darren Kitchen demos the Multi-Touch Mini — an inexpensive home built multi-user, multi-touch computer interface. More.

Shannon Morse experiments with Microsoft’s new Photosynth project and brings us a virtual walkthrough of the Hak5 set. more

We’ll be at Toorcon this weekend, if you’re going and want to meetup for a drink or say hi and grab some stickers be sure to follow one of us on Twitter. You can find us all at @hak5


  • tanel

    True, Best episode this season!
    btw, you can find some “personal” data from “photosynth show” (i remember Darren once wanting to keep location of HakHouse a secret) 🙂

  • Seth Sandler

    Great episode, but I’m a little bias lol.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the MTmini video and appreciate the plug to my blog 🙂 ! There’s going to be a new package released really soon, so stay tuned and keep in touch!

    If any of your supporters or yourselves are interested in making a cheap full sized multitouch table with projected image, you can have them head over to NUIGroup.com where we have a community of users making these all the time. =) I’m sure your fan base would have a blast!

    Thanks again! Hak.5 rocks!

    -Seth Sandler

  • anon2

    Well, in their defense it wasn’t that great 3 years ago either. Alright content, but you’d think after 3 seasons they’d sound less awkward and scared of the camera. Makes watching cringe-worthy

  • Paul Barnes

    Should rename it Hak-Sponsors-r-taking-over-the-show-5?

    Oh and come on 3 season and you still suck on camera……….next try getting stoned before the show,you WILL relax then – lol

  • Darren

    @Paul Barnes

    I read your comment and I don’t think you’re being fair.

    Sponsors are a necessity to supporting the show, going weekly, HD, and consistent. We have the same amount of advertising as we did last season, albeit with five times the episodes. The content/ad ratio is still 10:1. Compare that to network television at 2:1!

    I’m perfectly relaxed on camera and I’m sure as we move to a new studio where we don’t have to waste a lot of time and nerves building and breaking down a set we’ll be even more energetic. As for getting stoned, no — I’m perfectly happy doing the show sober, thanks.


    PS: I tried to email this to you but the email address you provided was bogus.

  • Dave

    I agree with both Paul and Darren

    …Yes, those constant ads, etc are really annoying, but hey, at least you can skip them. Which would you rather: Sponsor driven quality or non-sponsored pixellated footage just wanking on about WEP Cracking?

    Darren’s the same as he ever was – he’s always gonna be that energetic little kid that we all want to be – just sometimes more than others, that’s life.

    P.S. Darren, you’re funnier drunk (RE: Live webcast a few months back).
    P.P.S Darren – was it deliberate that the image of ep404 links to a dead link to bring up a 404 error?

  • Timmay

    Sponsors are great as long as they dont take over the show. don’t think it is much of a problem especially since your getting a dose of Techno Lust once a week rather than getting your fix that lasted about three days then you ended up wanting more and after about a week you are Jones n’ so bad you actually start watching G4 again. don’t get me wrong Olivia is great to look at but some people want more. besides they don’t have Shannon she is way better.

    Love the shows guys keep up the great work and Cheers!

  • Bill

    OK, I feel that really there aren’t that many advertisements. I also think that season four is so far the best season I have seen, I’ve been watching since 2×03. Everyone on the Hak.5 team keep up the good work! I love this show!!!

  • mn

    I agree with overall comments… in addition:

    – Evil server jokes at the intro are absolutely hilarious! I LOVE IT.
    – The show is funnier and more relaxed (totally agree) than before
    – This new guy on set he is good, keeps the mood light
    – THANK GOD you guys are back i thought i wasn’t gonna see anymore after season 3

  • Lorne

    I think it’s fantastic that you got a sponsor – and better yet, a non techie one (no conflict of interest).

    Great show! Keep it up – and does snubs really speak Japanese? Too cool.

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