Episode 403 — Reverse Engineering, Graphical Firewall Configuration, Inside the pineapple: Jasager demo, and Remember the BBS?

Reverse Engineering in practice. Configuring Cisco, IPTables and other firewalls with a sweet graphical utility. A little nostalgia with the Hak5 BBS and cracking open the Pineapple, a demo of Jasager.
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Production Note

With this episode and onwards we fixed the issue that was mudding up the sad standard-def video signals from our cameras. We’re still working on going HD and hope to be there by the end of the year. More details.

Show Notes

Chris Gerling shows us how to do a little reverse engineering with an educational tool called a CrackMe. These aptly named CrackMe files are great for practicing reverse engineering skills. Chris walks us through the steps involved in unlocking the Crackme’s code using .NET Reflector, some Python code, and a little a hex calculator. More detail in Chris’ blog post and more Crackmes at LearnSecurityOnline.com.

Matt demonstrates a killer app for anyone who manages firewalls. Firewall Builder creates, validates and deploys configurations to popular firewalls from your standard Linksys WRT54G using Sveasoft, to iptables, to Cisco using an intuitive graphical interface. Can we say access-list inside_access_out permit tcp any eq www host hak5.wpengine.com eq www? Check out Matt’s full review at MattLestock.com

Remember the good ol’ days before the Internet? Ever access a BBS? How about 1200 baud bliss with an xmodem transfer of the latest leet ezine from across the country via a toll-free PBX or some magical tones? If not that’s cool too, we’ve got just the thing for you. How about a multiplayer text adventure, the predecessor to modern day MMORPGs? That’s right, the Hak5 BBS is up and running so telnet on over to bbs.hak5.wpengine.com, port 23 of course, and check out the door games. We’re running an active game of Legend of the Red Dragon as well as dopewars, pimpwars, food fight, and more.

Darren cracks open the pineapple and demos Jasager. He even pronounces it correctly this episode. In our controlled environment we go into how the system works, the interface, setting it up, and the future of the project. We’ll be building one from scratch on 405, then stay tuned for an interview with developer Robin Wood from this years Toorcon in San Diego. You can read up on Jasager and get yourself a fresh tarball at Robin’s site.

Speaking of Toorcon, if you’re going and wanna meetup for a drink or say hi and grab some stickers be sure to follow one of us on Twitter. You can find us all at @hak5


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