Episode 401 — Wi-Fi Pineapples

In this season premiere episode of Hak5 Mubix joins us to talk about what’s new in Maltego, an open source forensics and intelligence gathering tool. Shannon rocks out with Audio surf, and Darren heads downtown to the coffee shop to own a wireless network with a pineapple. Grab some hax0rflakes ’cause the bricks are gone and we’re back!
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Production Note

Video issues will be resolved by 403. We’re using new equipment and didn’t catch a nasty bug in our system until after the second shoot



Show Notes

Wi-Fi Pineapple

Why target individuals on a wireless network when you could have them come to you. Darren talks about the Jasager project, a small portable honey pot with a hunger for clients based on the La Fonera router. http://www.fon.com. Download Jasager.


Mubix heads down to show us some fun new features in the open source forensics and intelligence gathering tool Maltego. Download at http://www.paterva.com or find in the latest version of BackTrack at http://www.remote-exploit.org. Read more in Mubix’s Maltego article at room362.


Shannon reviews the IGF award winning music game by Invisible Handlebar. Audio-Surf is like the result of F-Zero and Guitar Hero hooking up with the ability to import your own music. Single, 2-player and co-op modes make this highly addictive game one of our favorites. Available through steam at www.audio-surf.com

LAN Party

We’ll be hosting our first LAN Party this season all day Saturday, September 20th at game.hak5.wpengine.com. Join in for some Counter-Strike: Source action. We’ll be shooting two episodes back to back that day so feel free to hit up the setcam at https://www.hak5.org and watch as we fumble lines and try not to team-kill.


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