Season 3 Episode 5

In this episode Simon Jakesch from Zenoss joins us to talk about the open source network management suite. Wess shows us the science behind the infrared camera mod. Chris Gerling hacks the Nokia 770 Internet tablet. Darren builds a one-click remote assistance package to help save the holidays, and Will Coppola drops by with an EVDO antenna mod sure to boost signal. Plus details on the upcoming Hak5Live / meetup at the East Coast LAN as always trivia. Grab some hax0rflakes, it’s time for a heavy dose of technolust.


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Running time: 56:00


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  • Jaryth

    YES! Finally. I so totally watched this episode being edited!

    Will comment again after watching.

    After watching the editing… looks like it could be a pretty good ep.

    Also, I would like to say thanks for answering my questions during the live stream ^_^.

  • Mr. Knight

    The only parts I watched was Wess’s Mr. Wizard impression and the outtakes. Tons of info… but I didn’t care for a bit of it really… not to mention there wass no fun in the entire episode guys…. and I swear I’ve seen that 770 somewhere before?? Now that the ep is out. take a breather and get some good shit together for 3×06.

  • Scorpion

    Xaeri im getting the same as you mate using FDM but as long as i dont get cut off or someone else uses the internet it wont take long, But just be glad to get it 😀 and no waiting time (before download) lol.

  • Bryan

    :O Holy crap. Not only is it ON TIME. But it’s EARLY. By the way, you guys know that there is a Tight VNC server….it’s easily set up >_>

  • Spudgun

    Great episode – definately back on track – great, original Hak5 SWEETness.

    Need to get Alli more involved with the segments!

    This episode was in comparison to those of Season 1 (that’s a good thing)

    Keep up the great work

  • Crax

    Nice one guys!

    Lot’s of interesting info! Nice to see that you’re back on track again, though I never doubted you in the first place.

    I’m with Spudgun on the Alli thing though, you should totaly get her more screen time 😉

  • MD

    Good Episode!

    Keep up the good work.

    Couple of questions:

    – I agree with Spudgun, need more Ali (especially Adobe related subjects)

    – Will you guys have another LAN match?

    Thanks again,


  • Andy L.

    Darren, stop making it so hard for a single-click VNC support solution!

    You ‘build’ a single .exe (upload to their site and it builds the package for you), and when they double-click, it can be set to automatically connect on double-click. There is NO INSTALLER on their side! Same thing on your side, just server (listen mode). Nothing installed, double-click and go, and painfully easy. Please, please, please do a follow-up episode.

  • Administrator

    Thanks everyone for the feedback on the VNC segment. I’ve received a lot of comments and email on alternative solutions, which I anticipated and very much appreciate. Obviously a follow-up is in order. If you have a solution that hasn’t been suggested I’d like to hear it.


  • SANParty

    Excellent episode, guys. Enjoyed every minute.

    I was glad to see Wess getting back into the hardware hacking stuff. I nearly picked up one of those Radioshack digital camcorders on black friday. Wish I had, now. I was thinking you could improve upon it for night vision. All you need to do is make an IR Lamp (like 20 IR LEDS wired together). Put them into a radioshack activity box w/o the lid and velcro this to the top of the camera (LED’s pointing out) and now you can illuminate the night with IR. The camera will pick it but no eye will be the wiser.

  • tyggy

    mp4 should play on my N95 8gb, others do, will watch later today, its cold here in the uk, nothing to watch, this show will bring a little light into my sad life,

    thanx dudes

  • almighty

    crap guys, didnt even notice you were back in biz, good thing i was bored out of my mind looking for quality content then remembered this site.
    love the show.
    so where are you guys located?

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