Season 3 Episode 4

In this episode Paul and Matt hold down the fort and hack the Gibson. Check out Guitar Hero modding, easy media streaming, and a great Linux setup for video creativity in this borderline absurd Hak5.



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Running time: 24:10


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  • Administrator

    If you only get a 700kb file try again, there was a mistake while uploading the Libsyn may have cached a partial file across the network. The full file should overwrite the partial across the CDN soon.

  • GFree

    I was kinda hoping the 704KB file was some kind of *incredibly* well-compressed version of the episode – maybe to show off the Linux codecs thingy. 🙂

  • Fruitpastles

    Finally :).

    My step dad saw me watching this the other day..:

    SD: “What that”
    ME: “Hak5”
    SD: “Whats it about”
    ME: “Technology and stuff”
    SD: “Like…..HACKING!!!”
    ME: “No… technology and stuff”
    SD walks out the room looking at me suspiciously 😛

  • Ben

    This was really bad. I can understand a delay, but that ep was truly below par. With longer production times I was expecting a much longer, feature filled ep, with perhaps, at a push, the correct cast…

  • Bryan

    Good episode. Different, for sure. But hey, if you did the same things over and over it would be boreing. Though I would have liked to see a little bit more of the actual modding. Overall it was quite good. Especially like the intro 😛

  • GFree

    Yeah, I didn’t particularly like the episode either. It was interesting to see Ubuntu Studio in action, but the Guitar Hero stuff didn’t appeal to me at all. Winamp Remote was interesting, but meh. Better than nothing I suppose.


    Holey frigging crap! Did I just see my name in the credits after the Winamp/Xbox 360 segment?

    I dig the guitar hero segment, but I didn’t understand the point of it. The buttons are hooked in parallel, and that would just add more confusion.

    The winamp/360 segment sounds like something I must do. I’m already streaming WMP 11 to my 360, but I’m limited to basically just WMV file. Sucks since I need some Xvid/Divx love going on. If winamp transcodes ALL video formats for the 360, then this will rock.

    Good work guys!

  • lightman

    Nice episode, fun, entertaining but the content wasn’t very interesting for non-gamers 🙂 I don’t even know what the [email protected] is that guitar 4, and i haven’t seen any 360 in my life but, it was fun, also paul you look far more confident and casual than in previous episodes.
    looking forward for next ep.

  • Jordan

    Fun episode guys, looked like Paul and Matt had fun making it. Also FYI in your ending credits you have Executive spelled wrong via a fat finger typo im sure. Its spelled “Execurive” on your credits.

  • SANParty

    I think the point of the 10 button guitar was to make it more realistic. You can move up and down the frets like a real guitar 🙂

  • ferrari


    I think that Paul’s job is way better behind the camera, and that other guy is way better behind camera to! :))))

    No offense!

  • mEsUsah

    Great job guys! It’s good to take a little brake from all the programing stuff in the show. Fun mod on the guitar 😛 and very informative the winamp thingie.

  • heronstalker

    Where are the new formats? First a 2 week delay and no YouTube or streaming Divx. Hopefully the next release comes out on time or else I have an odd feeling hak.5 is dying.

  • nath042

    Hey guys.. I would have liked Darren or Wess to have been in this episode.. but I think it was ok. I liked the ubuntu studios thingy.. im downloading it now! lol


  • What the Hell

    WTF… Hak5 is dead now, everybody needs to move on i think, Wess and Alli have moved out and darren and paul look like they couldnt be arsed anymore. All good things come to an end 🙂


    @SANParty (#23)
    but it’s not a real guitar! The extra buttons just mirror the first 5 anyway, it’s pointless.

    Now Rock Band’s Guitar is set up simular, except the extra buttons are closer to the end of the neck to simulate solos that are often played as high notes (and they are HoPo’s)

    To all posts.. STOP BITCHING! Gawd I dunno why everyone is taking a shit on this episode, just because Wess and Derren aren’t in it.

    You should look at the first few episodes of Hak.5 they sucked too. So please shut the fuck up you douche bags!

  • Ben

    FRAGaLOT, it aint just about the fact Wess n Darren were not in the episode, its also the long wait for it to appear, the shortness in length, the hasty thrown together feel overall.

    Yes, maybe the first few episodes were teh suck, but this is halfway through the third series…

  • suncitybum

    Winamp Remote has solved my major headaches when it comes to streaming my various formatted videos to my 360. This segment made the episode gold for me. Good lookin’ out. Keep up the great work.
    Sun City, AZ

  • vash

    I love how “What the hell” jumps to conclusions. Trust me if Hak.5 disbanded they would let you know in more ways than one. They’ve got a driving force behind them. Good golly be patient.

  • Mr. Knight

    To Wolf:

    it all begins and ends with one place:

    Go find yourself something good. There is no better way to learn to hack than by teaching yourself. That’s how it all started, and the best do it this way still. Good luck young one.

  • Mr. Knight

    I just went back and re-watched the episode from beginning to end. I finally figured it out. This episode reminds me of Bob Ross, its a good pace, not too crazy, and there are some happy trees. I understand that a lot of long-term fans want more complicated content, and I can agree with that, but I’m also into the lighter side of things. I think that some easy to do shows and mods are what makes this show accessible to everyone, not just the elite. And this will be the last time I say this because you guys know how critical I am of episodes, this was my most favorite episode ever.

  • aidanr

    Nice episode, the new guy was really good. Only negative thing I’ll say is that the xbox streaming segment seemed a little out of place, I don’t think hak.5’s target audience need to be walked through installing software on windows, next next finish… not very leet :]

    Other than that, enjoyed it, keep up the good work 🙂

  • NTT

    I’d say the most anticipated (because of the delay) episode, but also the most boring… We don’t mind not having an episode for a month, if we know that we’ll get some cook Hacks next month..

    IMO, hak.5 is not as fun as the 1st season, when the hacks were really hacks and it was really infotaining to watch you guys do them.. Walk throughs of installing and using off-the-shelf software is plain boring.. As if I can’t figure it out..

    Oh.. and I also miss the parody sketches.. those totaly rock!!

  • Paul

    hahaha read the episode description again and just got the “Hackers” reference (at least I hope thats what it was). Either way thats freakin’ hilarious!!

  • LRU

    Darren sure knows how to take a holiday! 🙂

    Good job guys. I’ve been wanting to see a demo of kino now for a while, and the guitar hack was pure fun.

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