Season 2 Episode 9 – Shmoocon 2007

In this special episode of Hak5 the crew heads to Washington DC for ShmooCon, the only annual security conference with complementary foam balls. We start by talk to Bruce Potter, one of the conferences organizers, about all things Shmoo. We also speak to Billy Hoffman about Jikto, JavaScript and XSS. Eoin Miller and Adair Collins tell us all about Cachedump and the dangers of cached domain credentials. Ken Caruso gives us a tour of the Shmoocon NOC and we see how network security is done at a hacker con. Jordan and Wes give us the details on the Hack or Halo competition while Paul tries his luck with the sniper rifle. Scott Moulton talks to us about recovering dead hard drives and Babak tells us about lock picking and the TOOOL organization. We even run into some Hak5 fans, Ryan and David, who built a rockin� Wii duck hunt box at the Hacker Arcade. Plus all of the usual fixings including the details on this months trivia, poll, LAN party, and a special web 1.0 contest sure to bring back the blink tag.


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