Season 2 Episode 3

In this episode Darren shows us a USB key, dubbed the USB Hacksaw, that instantly and silently installs on target Windows 2000 or higher computers with guest or higher privledges which will monitor USB ports for flash drives and automatically download their contents for silent archival and email. Paul brings us an Asterisk setup for our home using a hacked Linksys NSLU2 and some inexpensive SIP phones. TheSoftwareJedi from joins us to talk about his project and software. And Wess heads to Toronto and meets with Andrew Barrow to see a Nintendo Power Glove, Speak & Spell, MIDI mashup. Plus this monthรฏยฟยฝs trivia, poll, & LAN party details from the lovely and talented Alli.


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  • neFarious

    Thank you for working so hard on this episode Darren. I hope you take the day off work to get some well needed sleep!

  • Masterpyro

    W00t cant wait til i get home to download, its a 5 hours download on a cable line but its on a network with over 300 computers so maybe its faster on a home LAN. Thanx for working so hard on it. Get some rest

  • Karen

    I was having fun visualizing D editing last min w busted finger and delusions of My Little Pwnies. Go celebrate at the Yorktown Pub, though I’m almost certain that your perscriptions prevent you from drinking, not that you pay attention to that sort of thing. Just make sure Wes drives you, lay off the cycle. I’ll stop sounding like an older sibling now…

  • Administrator

    Gah! Even in the comments. Karen, please.

    But nah, I’m totally off the meds now and the finger is getting much better. I’ll be taking a day of R&R this week. I’ll probably blog about it later on vox. And somehow I think the little pink pwnie made it into the ep. No clue how ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • the _creepy_guy

    holy crap you guys got a lota bandwidth …. nice show , sound quality varied, the studio segments had a little audio fuzz (maybe from fuzzy freshly owned noobs), but other than that good job.
    I just wish I lived in my own parrallel universe with daily releases, I know it aint gona happen, but I can dream can’t I?

  • access

    ok now darren get some sleep. dont ever feel rushed to do anything. even to get the show done by the 5th of every mounth just tell us that it will be late im sure most people who arent psycho can wate a few days or a week or so for the EP. now just sleep all weekend

  • cyros

    Hey guys another great cheap hardware for running Asterisk would be an XBOX 1 console, that can very easly be turned into a linux box thats able to run xbox linux distro like Xebian or GentooX. 733 MHz, 64mb ram, 8gig harddrive should get the job done nicely.

  • Chris

    I loved the show, but the audio quality varied through the show. In some segments, it was sort of flat, and in some segments, it seemed to echo.

    What’s up?

  • drakecake

    love the show but i like to download the psp version (thanks by the way) but its not named properly is their any way you could change that? anyway keep them coming

  • Forest

    Yea, great episode, but the worst audio ive heard out of all the episodes. Very flat, and fuzzy. But im not complaining, i love the show, and watch it every month!

  • StonedLlama


    Awesome ep.. really cool, and stuff… I loved Darrens gizmo apocalypse weapon thingy majiggy. ;E

    Keep ’em coming men! -salute-

  • Andrew

    I have downloaded this many of times and still cant understand how to set it up. The files in the SDS folder are not there so I cant edit the send.bat folder.. I need help. Can u guys post a video or a blog on how to set it up step by step…. That would be great thanks…. I also have an idea for another hack.. you have one for motzilla cookies how about Internet explorer… Thanks I use all your stuff except this one is a little bit harder to set up.

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