Biggest Android Security Failure, Tesla Thanks Hackers, $46M Theft Via Email

Automotive hacking is in its infancy, and already you can see a clear path to failure… just look at how Tesla responsds to hackers compared to Chrysler. Ars Technica calls it: Android updates are a complete failure when it comes to patching security flaws. Ubiquiti Networks makes awesome networking gear… and got taken for $46 million via a  simple, but effective, “business email compromise” con. Find out how to protect your company from it in the video!

Fiat Chrysler Knew of Hacking Risk 18 Months Ago:


Tesla Motors Bug Bounties:


Waiting for Android’s inevitable security Armageddon:


Android Fragmentation Visualized:


Tech Firm Ubiquiti Suffers $46M Cyberheist:




 Thumbnail credit:

Android Lineup by Rob Bulmahn:

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