37 Million Ashley Madison Users Hacked, Free Hacking Team Scanner, Google Play Store Compromised?!?

The Impact Team says they’ve compromised Avid Life Media, owners of AshleyMadison.com… and they’re gonna expose all the accounts if the site isn’t shut down. The latest Hacking Team data revelation: a backdoor through the Google Play screening process. Worried about all the Hacking Team malware? Rook Security has a free tool, and tips on what to look out for!


AshleyMadison.com Hacked: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/07/online-cheating-site-ashleymadison-hacked/

Google Play Store Backdoor? http://www.securityweek.com/google-play-checks-bypassed-hacking-team-android-backdoor

Free Tool Finds Hacking Team Malware: https://threatpost.com/free-tool-looks-for-hackingteam-malware/113850

Rook Security Milano: https://www.rooksecurity.com/resources/downloads/

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