TekThing 25: Flash Hacked! Gmail Undo Send, Back To School PC, Camera Picks, Get Personal Info Off The Internet?

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TekThing Episode 25 Shownotes:
Upgrade Flash, Chrome, & IE NOW: Flash has a pretty nasty vulnerability, here’s more info and how to fix it!
Undo Send in Gmail: Some folks say it’s “life changing…” but it’s not perfect! Find out why in the video!
Showtime on Hulu! While you’re waiting for HBO NOW to make it’s way to Android this summer, Hulu and Showtime have teamed up!
Help Buying A PC For College: Dylan writes: “I will be transferring to UC Davis this fall and am looking to replace a 6 year old macbook pro. Do you have any recommendations?” We do! First up check to see if your school has something like the UC Davis University Computer Guidelines. Lots more info in the video, including MacBook reccos!

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