TekThing 15: Dump Chrome for Firefox??? Laser Petcube! Asus Transformer Book T300, Rasperry Pi VPN!

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ASUS Transformer Book T300 CHI: Patrick’s got a review of the new ASUS T300 CHI… how to this tablet/laptop convertible hold up compared to his regular laptop? Is theIntel Core M CPU in this fanless machine powerful enough? What about battery life? Watch the video to find out!
Petcube: A video camera, a LASER and a speaker. Fire up your cell phone to watch and entertain your cat?!? Shannon saw the Petcube back at CES, now she’s got a hands on review!
TYLT Vu Mate Wireless Charging Receiver Card: Want to add Qi wireless charging to your Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4? We went hands on with the TYLT Vu MateTYLT Vu Solo, and TYLT Vu Wireless charging car mount:
LifeProof Case Fail?!? Patrick’s been buying these waterproof/dustrproof/Patrick-proof cases for years, but did the LifeProof fre case just fail on his iPhone 6?
Firefox Beats Chrome? Patrick’s got three reason’s he’s starting to use Firefox again… years after abandoning the Open Source browser for Chrome… hint, it doesn’t have those nasty memory leaks anymore!
How Much Data Does Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu Use? Joe writes, “Can you do a comparison of how much data each of the various streaming services uses?  Is there any real difference in the number of bits sucked down by using Netflix, or Amazon Prime Streaming, or iTunes, or whatever? Data caps suck.  #obviousstatement” Great question…. Netflix makes it easy to figure out, Shannon did some sleuthing to find how many gigs per hour the rest suck down!
Raspberry Pi VPN & Audiophile Distros? @LuytenNicholas tweets “how do you get a VPN on your raspberry Pi” Patrick found a great tuturioal at ReadWrite, “Building A Raspberry Pi VPN.” We’ve also talk Volumio, the way cool distro that turns a Pi into a music streaming machine anybody in our office can use!
Privacy Badger by EFF? @Jumile tweets: @TekThing Saw your Ghostery vs Ublock piece. The former also has some profit questions around Ghostrank. Thoughts on Privacy Badgerby EFF?
Do Something Analog: Brace for impact… Shannon’s discovered Magic: the Gathering

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