TekThing 2 – Kill Old Passwords! Super Bowl TVs, Quantum Dots, DVRs & OLED w/ Robert Heron. Free Storage vs. CrashPlan, Razer Cortex: Stream Any PC Game!

Introducing TekThing with Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse! What happens to old passwords?? Does free OneCloud kill online backups?? Robert Heron talks quantum dots and Super Bowl TV picks, streaming games to your living room , and where’s the RSS FEED?!?!

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Today’s topics:

Jeremy writes: I never missed an episode of Tekzilla and I’m excited to see everyone back with a new show! Now that OneDrive is rolling out unlimited cloud storage for Office 365 subscribers (and hopefully more services follow suit), are dedicated cloud backup solutions still viable?
I currently subscribe to CrashPlan to maintain a local and cloud backup. This no longer seems necessary when I can store everything in OneDrive, sync a copy to my computer and backup the OneDrive folder to my NAS. This way I still have two backups of my data.
Is it safe to drop my cloud backup subscription? Do dedicated cloud backup solutions offer any advantages over cloud storage solutions such as: encryption, data loss protection, and if the service is hacked will my data be safe?
Keep up the great work,
Jeremy S

OneDrive is now unlimited storage for office 365 subscribers

Questions for Robert Heron from heronfidelity.com:
@thequestion007 with plasma going away what is the best tech for classic movies with 24 frames and natural blur?
@TriviallyTravis what’s your favorite OTA DVR viewing solution? WMC? Channel Master? Tivo?

Rapid Fire Round:
Will TekThing be available via iTunes/ RSS/ Downcast / etc?
We will have the show available to download as soon as we hit our Patreon goal for RSS feeds.
From @Oew55R on Twitter: Will you have a P.O. Box for people to mail donations to TekThing? Many people are skittish giving cc number online. I am.
We will set up a paypal donation button on our site at TekThing.com and you can also donate via this address: 15501 San Pablo Ave #G325, Richmond CA 94806
From Alan: I supported you on Patreon, but I wasn’t sure how often you were planning to do episodes, so I capped my pledge monthly. How often do you plan to do episodes? Twice a week Not sure why I thought of that. Thanks for continuing the tech news, reviews, and advice. Your show is unique, thanks to the knowledge and enthusiasm of both of you guys.
We are planning to release an episode once per week.
Sean Writes: I use Lastpass. In the past I used Chrome to remember my passwords, so Lastpass has all of my ancient passwords. I used to use the same password in lots of places. I went looking for some of the sites that Lastpass says I have the same password for. A lot of them are gone. Is my data safe? Is there anything I can do aside from eliminating my old passwords from any other sites? What happens when a forum site dies?
Good luck on the new show I can’t wait to see what happens.
Orions Angel says: The Razer Forge TV can stream high end PC games. For example your Steam games to the living room. That’s the big selling point. Way to not even mention that guys. You can’t use the Amazon Fire TV to do that. I really wish these tech snobs would do more research before they put down a device.
@nerd 1701 tweets @patricknorton Check out this article on a high performance FreeNAS build.
From the that’s pretty shiny department, @horwitz tweeted Probably the coolest neo-retro Apple product design I’ve ever seen.
Do something analog! Like the MILO Foundation!
Full answers in the show!

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  • Oeno-Master

    Mr. Norton,

    RAID IS and should be part of any backup. Yes, it is not in and of itself a backup, but it is MUCH better to store data in/on a RAID array than a single disk, spinning or not.
    In your mention of FreeNAS, you remarked that there are those who deride those who build a NAS without using ECC RAM. While I do like the idea of using ECC RAM for such a purpose, I do not know of any mini-ITX motherboards that use it. If you do know of such a main board/system board/planar/motherboard, then please let us all know. I do like the embedded mini-ITX motherboards as they are most power efficient. This is what I would like I would like to build my FreeNAS/SSD project with. If it were to be dual NICed/homed, then so much the better. I do have two mini-ITX “servers” running 24/7. combined they draw about 150 Watts measured at the 120 V input (plug). One runs CentOS 6.6 and Zenoss. The other is my webserver, Fedora Core 21, XAMPP, Joomla, WordPress, and Moodle. Yes, I do have a lot to learn, and am. For my first NAS, I bought a Synology RS814 with 4×2 TB WD Red Pro drives. The formatted result is 5.4 TB with RAID 5. Yes, it and all of my network gear is plugged into a 1400 VA UPS. It has about 2 hours of runtime, and draws between 310 and 360 Watts. Pictures upon request.

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