What better birthday gift could my dear co-host Wess ask for than an appearance in DC’s Adventures of Superman? Yes the above picture is not photoshopped, issue #648 features a cell with a trio of podcast loving metropolis thugs sporting none other than CommandN, TWiT, and Hak.5 attire. For those counting this is the second to the last issue of Adventures of Superman before the conclusion of the Infinite Crisis storyline. Issue #650 the comic will be renamed to just “Superman”. It is quite amazing to be featured in the 67 year running comic book of the super hero legend. Hats off to our DC admirer.

Tonight we wrapped up shooting of episode 7 and post production is well underway. As always we’re excited about the release next week, as well as some spiffy announcements to come ;).

TWiT, Hak.5 & CommandN meet the Man of Steel