It was only a matter of time before we put Doom on The Zipit Z2. The recently unlocked linux-based wireless device is a prime candidate for fragging, what with it’s QVGA color display, WiFi and all. After unlocking, installing Doom is simply a matter or launching Fluxbox with startx and downloading PrBoom, a cross-platform Doom Source Port, with apt-get install prboom. The trick in launching PrBoom from /usr/games/ is to add the -width 320 -height 240 parameters. While PrBoom comes included with Freedoom, a free and open source Doom compatible IWAD, you may provide your own doom or Doom2-iwad parameter.

It is also worth noting that PrBoom comes with it’s own tcp game server for deathmatch. If anyone wants to try a little Zipit Z2 deathmatching hit us up. Or if you’re looking for some Doom goodness on the PC check out my favorite port, Skulltag.

Play Doom on the hacked Zipit Z2


  • mcavity

    Yes.. I did doom on the zipit a while back..

    Just a note you guys may want to upgrade to a better version of z2mousemu
    [make somethings much easier like dragging windows ect..]
    Aliosa27s site has them.
    also I have managed to get almost 6 hours of running time out of a zipit if you set up some power management.
    turn down [or off] the kb lights, turn the screen down 1/2 way, and turn the on-board speaker off. [use alsamixer for that]

    Heres a quick list of apps That I have found work nicely on the zipit.

    Screen – multitask from the command line.
    Alpine – email client that will work
    Pidgin – works in x but screen size is an issue so has to be setup on another system.
    Finch – the console version of pidgin [requires pidgin] – works much better you can actually configure it on the zipit.

    mplayer – works and can play back video! even in FB mode [no x needed if you set the command string right]
    htop – see the processes!
    cmuse – good console music / mp3 / internet radio player
    mc-midnight commander – console file browser
    nano – console file editer
    leafpad – x windows file manager
    links2 – web browser use -g for graphics
    Dillo – also works though window is a bit small. helps to remove as many toolbar as you can.
    fceu – nes emulator runs under X use string: ./fceu –opengl 0 –sound 0 –xscale 1 –yscale 1

    I hope you guys keep up the good work!
    please post the text on how you altered mac addresses!

  • John

    Hey, putting Doom on the ZipIt2 was sweet. Now, I understand that the ZipIt2 doesn’t have a USB port, however can something be done (inexpensively) with that expansion port on the back of the unit? …so that it receives satellite TV? (I did not get this idea from the recent SkyGrabber hack of the US drones, that I’m sure you’ve heard about by now. Interesting story… and serious too.) John


    OK I got the Zipit Z2 and finally got loaded with the Deb Linux suggested in the episode. Very cool

    Question is there a forum for customizing this thing?
    I’m having problems with Dillio and other apps in fluxbox, seems most of the apps are not the correct size. is there a .rc or some config file I can edit to get it to stay at 320×240 all the time? Can I get/use larger SC cards? cause I’m having a hard time getting 2GB cards. 4 and 8Gb seem to be easier to get a hold of. Can I get gcc to work on this platform and will it fit on the 2GB card? where is the Pipes key? How do I alt tab into another instance of the terminal or fluxbox? Sorry for all the questions. A forum for this on the hak5 boards would be great.

    New Dumb A$$ Nubbie

  • Mcavity

    The pipe key is alt smiley
    the ctrl key is the […] key right above the alt key.

    A lot of the current stuff is beeign done on the #zipit irc channel at

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