Has it really been 4 years? It seems like just yesterday I was pondering what it would take to put together a podcast. Would the built in mic on my mini-DV cam suffice, or should I spend some money on a camera with a mic-in jack and some lavs. I don’t want to spend a lot though, it is just a podcast ya know?

Little did I know… Four years, tens of thousands in equipment, two mortgages, 10 terabytes of footage and 10 or so million downloads later Hak5 is kickin’ stronger than ever — doing what we love when we’re not slaving 9-5.

This is a thank you to the fans and freaks who’ve supported us over the years. To everyone who has shook our hand at a hacker con, tipped a frosty one with us, bought a t-shirt, emailed, posted in the forums, retweeted and downloaded.

And lets not forget everyone who’s sailed the USS Technolust, past and present. You are all insane for sacrificing your weekends to research, write and perform into the wee hours of the night.

And Revision3, you’ve made us a better podcast. We’ve done more shows in the past year than the three before it combined. What a thrill teaming up with the 1st name in Internet television.

So to everyone, stay cool. Stay subscribed, and stay tuned for a nerdcore montage next week followed by the premiere of Season 6 on August 19th.

And if you’re in the area and want to meetup on August 15th at Busch Gardens Williamsburg we’d love to have ya. Check out the details.

Here’s to four more fantastic years of Hak5!


Happy 4th Birthday Hak5


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