Go open source in your virtual server platform with Proxmox-VE. This walkthrough will go show the steps of setting up a Proxmox server that will allow you to run virtual machines and manage with a webclient.

Virtualization of physical versions of something such as a server or router is a way to minimize rack space and power consumption. So something like Proxmox will give those benefits and also the ability to do easy backups & load balancing. This also provided the work space for things like creating a virtual test network for hacking; running services such as home media servers. Proxmox VE supports OpenVZ which is a OS level virtualization via Linux kernel Isolated containers; this allows for performance speeds close to native running on its own hardware. It also has full virtualization KVM Kernel-based Virtual Machine Supports which will also give the machine complete hardware and kernel independence from the Linux host machine allowing for running OSes like windows. Some of the hardware requirements for Proxmox VE 64-bit Intel or AMD processors Intel-VT or AMD-V for KVM 1+ GB RAM, 4+ GB or better of hard drive storage (it does support RAIDS) and any network interface cards supported by Debian Lenny 64bit


You can install on top of Debian Lenny but it’s easier to do a fresh install Download, burn and boot from ISO.

Building a Proxmox Virtual Environment with used Hardware


  • james

    ok i have a gateway sx2851-41 which is a intel i3 550 running @3.20 4gb of ram win 7 prem 64 bit will this work for me

  • trango

    Nice tutorial, I started using esx as a vm solution but ended hating the hybrid combination of unknown linux and Windows with SQL $$$ 🙁 after formating my severs and starting again, decided to use vbox with Ubuntu, in my case I have 2 W2008 servers in production enviroment, at the begining everything worked perfect, but after version 4.04 started to have problems with my vm´s they just stop working or blue screens started to appear after moving vm´s whithin different servers, Now after watching this excelent tutorial I´m decided to use proxmox, my only doubt is how to migrate my vm´s from vbox, is this possible??

    • sarfaraz

      u have to convert hdd image from vdi to raw/qcow2 .
      if on linux check vboxtool parameters for converting from vdi to raw/qcom .just google it .

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