This segment, Shannon demonstrates some protecting from Firesheep using; BlackSheep.

Shannon shows you BlackSheep, which does the exact opposite. If FireSheep is being used by someone on your network, you can be warned and block against it. BlackSheep is a Firefox add-on, just like FireSheep, that was based right off the same source code. So it reuses the same network listening back-end and that same list of sites and corresponding cookies, etc. By doing this, it ensure that the fake traffic generated by BlackSheep is what FireSheep is expecting to see. BlackSheep even will show you the IP address of the person’s computer trying to hijack your account.

Now to get it working. First, download the BlackSheep add-on. Disable FireSheep if you have it as well, so BlackSheep doesn’t detect it.

In the options menu, choose the interval you want BlackSheep to create fake traffic. It’s default is 5 minutes which works fine. Click ok and you’re done configuring. Now, if FireSheep is detected on your network, you’ll see this popup on your screen.

BlackSheep is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. You still need WinPCap if you’re on Windows and it only works with the Firefox, and only 32-bit.

Although BlackSheep does help with FireSheep, you should still be using HTTPS for your surfing.

Download Blacksheep

Blacksheep – Firesheep defense


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