Jason joins us for a little cloud backup action using Perl and Amazon S3.

In this segment Jason shows us how to setup perl scripts to automate backups to an Amazon S3 account.


Install ruby
sudo apt-get install ruby
check if ruby is installed
ruby -v
now get the s3sync ruby scripts
wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/ServEdge_pub/s3sync/s3sync.tar.gz
tar xvzf s3sync.tar.gz
rm s3sync.tar.gz
cd s3sync
Create Traget directory /s3backup
Edit the s3config.yml with Access Key ID, Secret Access Key
Once that’s done we are good to go to build out our script the dump the backup files in to the traget folder the trigger the sync.

Now we have our backup script working, let drop it into the cron folder and automate this. Now you have a bullet prof backup. We Have been using it for hak5.wpengine.com for sometime now and it’s saved us on more than one occasion. If you have any questions about this of any of the other segments you have seen on todays show email us and [email protected]

Backing up to Amazon S3 using Ruby

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