Throughout Hack Across America I’ll be offering to speak at hackerspaces and meetups. Below are a few options. Please register to have me speak at yours.


Talks typically go for 30 minutes to 1 hour with optional Q&A.

WiFi 101 – 802.11 inside and out.

If you’re a hacker you may know that WiFi began as a project to wirelessly network cash registers in 1986. Or that there’s a 14th channel only available in Japan. Or that Bolivia is home to the highest power WiFi systems in the world…but do you know why? This talk explores WiFi as both an IEEE standard and the ubiquitous protocol nearly all modern portable consumer electronics have come to rely on today. Beginning with its early foundation with a 1985 FCC order on through each layer of the protocol stack to the more advanced beamforming and MIMO techniques used by next generation systems.

Hacking Inherent Trust Systems

From Adam and Eve to /etc/passwd – it all comes down to trust, and it’s devious counterpart, deceit. This talk explores inherent trusts in computing platforms, their exploitation with nothing more than simple lies, and the future of “trusted computing”. Includes history of authentication, definition of trust, the human condition and the human computer trust relationship as well as crowd pleasing demos of deceit in action with the WiFi Pineapple and USB Rubber Ducky.

Alternative Internets for the coming Zombie Apocalypse

It’s all fun and games until there’s no route to host. Whether it’s a natural disaster, oppressive government or zombie invasion the hacker community should prepare for certain Internet doom. This talk takes a technical approach to a potential IP routing crisis rather than the social and political concerns of Internet freedom. From Sneakernet to Pack Radio one thing is certain – mankind needs a secure and free infrastructure for global communication. And cat photos.


Workshops go for 1-2 hours with hands on training and include a small fee to cover the costs of hardware.

WiFi Pineapple from the ground up

How’s your Karma? This workshop introduces concepts of the notorious wireless penetration testing dropbox, the WiFi Pineapple. Topics include the project history, the underlying hardware and core concepts as well as the continued firmware development of the platform. Participants will receive a WiFi Pineapple at cost ($50/ea) and hands on instruction for the initial setup, deployment, management and operation of the device.

Human Interface Device hacking with the USB Rubber Ducky

Imagine you could remember anything — even base-encoded binaries — with 100% accuracy, could type 500 words per minute, and never had to take a break to eat, sleep or pee. You could brute force a BIOS password, an Android lock screen, or even inject a binary into a Windows command prompt. With the USB Rubber Ducky, you can. In this workshop participants will learn the ins and outs of Human Interface Device hacking; an essential skill for IT automation, social engineering and penetration testing. Participants will receive the custom Hak5 keyboard emulating attack platform, the “USB Rubber Ducky” at cost ($35/ea) and hands on training for setup, payload development, delivery and attack execution across various platforms.

Interactive Panels

Interactive panels are communal brainstorming sessions. Stream of collective consciousness and thought exercises encouraging the technical development or deeper understanding on a variety of topics by the community.

Topics include and are not limited to:

  • Cryptographic Sneakernets and Ephemeral Networking
  • Internet Freedom: Fear and Chaos vs Love and Hope
  • The Culture of Ownership and Distributed Social Networking
  • Taking back the web: Unhosted Services
  • Good, Bad and other Human Inventions

Campfire Stories

Throughout history the stories, folklore, myth and legend have perpetuated, often in grand exaggeration, the tales and traditions of a society and culture. Hackers are no different. While I’m no Captain Crunch or Mitnick, I do have a tail or two to tell. If the vibe is right and the brews are aplenty perhaps we can kick around the digital (or real) campfire and take turns telling ours. Recording prohibited.

  • In the beginning: the story of a little blue box
  • How to rack up a $20k party line bill without getting caught
  • The PSTN: What a bicycle and a bell manual can do for you.
  • Hacker Culture: Legion of Doom, Mothers on Drugs and Black Ice
  • How this phone phreak was arrested, grounded for life and expelled at 15
  • Text file readings: The Mentor and Blue Box Moon
  • Oh yeah, and Hak5 – how’d that come to be?


“Like a tupperware party for learning crypto” as Cory Doctorow puts it, a CryptoParty is a grassroots event to introduce the basics of practical cryptography to the general public. Topics covered include PGP, TrueCrypt, Tor, Key Signing, and VPNs to name a few. One of the founding members of The Pirate Bay regards CryptoParty as the most important civic project in cryptography today. Show up with an open mind, grab yourself a copy of the CryptoParty handbook and without any prior experience prepare to protect your basic human right to Privacy using free, open-source tools.

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