Hak5 1714 – FREE Dropbox Alternatives

Open Source Cloud Sharing with Pulse (previously SyncThing). Why pay for Dropbox when you could sync it yourself? Shannon Morse checks out this awesome cross-platform cloud sharing app. All that and more, this time on Hak5.

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Pulse (previously SyncThing) is an open source, open protocol, file synchronization program. Data is stored only on your computers, not up in the “cloud”. It’s encrypted via TLS and available for Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris. To download, visit github page and choose compiled version for your computer. Run the file, and it’ll open a http://localhost:8080 on your browser. It creates a sync folder in your home directory.
To configure, click “add device” to add another PC to your sync. Put in their Device ID, which will be their 56 digit node ID. Can leave name blank if you want, click ok. It’ll say disconnected. Now Edit Folder, and choose Share With Devices -> Choose your other computer’s ID. Go to your settings and click Restart.
After about a minute you should connect to other computer. have to do the same protocol on the second computer as well for the sync to work. The device will turn Green and say Connected. Trouble? Make sure your firewall is turned configured.
You can then share files with other devices in that folder. Files will be copied over to your computer and back from the other machine. So make sure you have enough space on your HDD to share files back and forth. Also, any changes to said files will be automatically changed on both computers.


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