Hak5 1401 – In Dublin making captive portals, terrible privacy practices, and faster wireless.

Today on the show, testing a new Wireless 802.11AC router, captive portals on a WiFi Pineapple, and what to do when your school has terrible privacy practices. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

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Captive Portals

Darren is AWOL in Europe! –

ac wireless

“802.11ac is just now starting to be released to consumers- updated wireless protocol for 5GHz frequency band. Can offer throughput of 1 gigabit per second. Offers 80MHz channel bandwidths low end. Enhances wireless speeds around home for multiple HD streaming and rapid online backup.
An AC router will give faster speeds to both N and AC clients on 5GHz. AC is backwards compatible with N, so you can replace your N router right now with an AC router. Clients will only see a boost of speed if they support the 5GHz frequency (N).
Asus RT-AC66U is the upgrade from the N66U router, and offers 1750Mbps speeds, or 1.3Gbps. First AC router from ASUS, and is $180.
802.11g uses 20 mhz per channel – 54 mega bits per second. 802.11n uses 40 mhz per channel. AC adds more spectrum-ups it from 40 to 80- 160 mhz p/ channel. Current generation wifi uses close to the theoretical maximum that you can transmit over radio- so AC just uses more of the channels at the same time, brute forcing it’s way through to get faster speeds. To test, I ran HD video streaming playback on two laptops, with and without the adapter and we’ll do a file transfer share from Paul’s mac to my Windows8 laptop.”


“Hamish says: Big fan of the Hak5 here, watch every ep. I find myself in a situation where I’m a little stumped as to what to do, and I wanted to ask your advice.
My school has an online interface, used for all sorts of administration and student organization. Recently, parents were given access to this interface. They can access medical information, parent-teacher communication, custody agreements, disciplinary information and other private details, etc.
The parents were given login details on a note given to students, to be handed to parents. If that isn’t insecure enough, it was clear to see that the password was the last four digits of home phone numbers, and all usernames are already easily accessible through this online interface. In other words, all students with half a brain can easily access private information of other students.
I really want to inform the school of my concerns, obviously, however I don’t know how to do it. If I’m too soft with it, I know nothing will get done, however if I push it too hard, I will shut myself off from advancement and leadership opportunities within the community.”


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